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$25 monthly add on.


$25 monthly add on.

I've been a Sprint customer for over 15 years.  About every 2 years I sign on again for 2 years and upgrade my phone. Not bad for either party, I get a decent price on a phone and they get to keep me for 2 more years. This year I did what I've always done but now I notice they've tacked on a "new" $25 a month fee for my 2 year upgrade. Thanks a ton. And no one, I mean NO ONE, alerted me that this would be on my bill. Every month. Why would anyone even sign a 2 year agreement if it's going to cost them $600 just to subsidize the "2 year upgrade?!" I hate when decent companies start to play these games. I called and explained my displeasure but it looks like the only option is to return my phone or just move on from Sprint. Too bad.


Re: $25 monthly add on.

Hello Milwaukee111, thank you for posting on the Sprint Community forums.

We are so sorry to hear that you’re thinking of leaving us, we always strive to create a positive customer experience, please allow us the opportunity to assist you.

To access to your private messages, click on your name or avatar. This will take you into your profile. Once in there you will see the private message notification. If you're posting from a phone/mobile device, once on this site and logged in, go into your browsers settings and change it to full site mode/desktop mode. Once the site changes, follow the steps above.



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