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$36 activation fee?!


$36 activation fee?!

I was cross shopping Verizon and Sprint and Sprint had the lowest monthly plan but after all the fees are put in place you might as well go to Verizon that actually offers 4G LTE right now and they will waive the fees. I'm very dissapointed that this company could not waive my fees for being a NEW customer. Customer service helped nothing at all. Might consider changing plans i know i have 30 days to cancel.


Re: $36 activation fee?!

The activation fee is a rate Sprint charges for setting up a new line of service with a device. The costs associated with activating a new line are offset by this fee. Those costs include additional support, account verification processes (like credit check) to name a few. Activation fees are an industry standard charge that helps carriers offset the costs of stocking, selling, and activating devices on their networks.If you're  not completely satisfied with the purchase, you  can return or exchange the device within 14 days from activation.



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