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4 weeks and 3 phone calls normal for getting credit ?


4 weeks and 3 phone calls normal for getting credit ?

Sprint Phone # 630-881-**** and 630-995-****

Pin# 2077**

March 4th

  1. Switched to T-Mobile from Sprint Lease Program

March 5th

  1. Visited 1st sprint store ( retailer ) and they said a corporate store might be able to take back the 2 phones, I was obliged to return after the lease
  2. Visited Corporate store and they said to call sprint. They did not accept phones
  3. Called sprint and asked for pre-aid shipping labels for two phones ( IPhone 6 Plus phones )

March 8th

  1. Shipped two phones. Kept pictures including serial numbers of the phones. Both the phones were shipped in original apple packing boxes.

March 14th

  1. Sprint Received the phones according to UPS Tracking ( 1ZR908859020407632)
  2. Received 440 ( 220 for each phone in bill for not returning the leased phones)

March 15th

  1. Called and Sprint gave me an adjustment tracking number. Advised me to follow up after a week - Adjustment Tracking Number - 16349844
  2. Sprint suspended the auto pay of the bill from my credit, as I was still waiting for the credit of 440.00. Not enough credit card balance to pay 770 dollar cellphone bill.

March 22nd

  1. Called to check on credits.
  2. Provided Tracking Number - 16349844
  3. Forwarded to Order Support and I had redo the whole story
  4. They asked to check back on March 30th

March 30th

  1. Called General Sprint Support to check back on March 22nd call
  2. Confirmed they have a credit for only phone.
  3. I was puzzled as both the phones were in the same box
  4. Forwarded to Order Support again and I had redo the whole story
  5. Got a new Ticket - I1185460722
  6. They asked me to follow up in 4 days ( 1st week of April ) and call Order support department at 1-866-789-8292


So far 3 calls, around 30 minutes each on every call and I have had only partial success. I have spent 90,000 milliseconds of my time on this and I do not know how much more I will spend.

Is this normal?


Hi spati123!

We'd like to take a look into this. Please remove your phone number and PIN from this channel even if it doesn't show fully. This is sensitive information and our main goal is to keep your account secure. I'll send you a Private Message. Please reply back with your name, phone number, and PIN.

Michael C

Sprint Social Care

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