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4G LTE rollout & bad coverage


4G LTE rollout & bad coverage

The 4G-LTE rollout dates have been delayed by 3 months in southeast Virginia now according to

Norfolk* (Hampton Roads/Tidewater)

...Sites Complete = 4%; Anticipated LTE Launch= Spring 2013

...Original Scheduled Completion = February 2013; Current Production Rate Completion = June 2013

Completion date was December 2012.

Additionally, this region (largest in VA), has been plagued with poor coverage for years now. Proof can be seen at and Attched is a map of actual user coverage vs. Sprint's claimed coverage as of 1/5/2013. Sprint's map also shows NO towers have been errectewd to date!

I have been a good customer for 3 years with mutiple lines. Obviously I am way too patient. I can get no technically acurate or honest answer from anyone I have contacted at Sprint. Politicians are one bad animal, but Sprint sounds like they have from the best of the "smoke & mirror" group.

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