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6th LG Lotus in 3 months...Really Sprint?


6th LG Lotus in 3 months...Really Sprint?

Dear Sprint,

Today I brought my 6th LG Lotus back because of the same problems with the screen and now the battery will not take any charge. I got the LG Lotus because it was free, I'm a recent college graduate so my cash flow is very low even with the job I have. Why isn't there any way that you all can help out people that's been having the same problem with same type of phone. I haven't been with the company a whole 6 months yet and you haven't helped me any. What happened to the customer is always right, providing great customer care? Everytime I call customer service, the rep. tells me that he/she can't help me. Really Sprint, what happen you great customer service? I'm guessing that went out the window. All I'm asking is for Sprint to help me with getting me a better phone. I'm not asking for a HTC, I'm not even asking for a Blackberry, just a phone thats better than the LG Lotus. But PLEASE no more LG's.


Brittany J.

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Re: 6th LG Lotus in 3 months...Really Sprint?

I have a family member that has the Lotus and loves it. What problems do you have. That is quite crazy-6 phone sin 3 months. I thought after the 3rd replacement that they give you a different model. I would insist that you get a different model. Do you have a upgrade available now? You could use that.


Re: 6th LG Lotus in 3 months...Really Sprint?


My phone goes on and off and now it won't take a charge.  I recently got with Sprint and they never offered me a new phone, but I will look into that. Thanks for the information. I know other people with no problems with their Lotus, but I also know people that's also having the same problems as me.


Re: 6th LG Lotus in 3 months...Really Sprint?

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