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70$ overcharged for 8 months compensation expected?


70$ overcharged for 8 months compensation expected?

For 8 months I was charged 70$ + tax for a plan on my second phone. I have a 1500 family plan for my 2 phones for the last 4+ years ( conservatively speaking) I am seeking a full refund and compensation ( note 2 for 99.99 {Amazon Mobil price}). I have been a 15 yr + customer who paid $200 for an early upgrade a few Months ago(did not use it, ref upgrade in effect now Smiley Sad  ). They still get the 299.99 ( no skin off there back) , compensate me, lock me in for another 2 yrs, and we are all happy. I think its fair and not a rip off (like past 8 months). Am I wrong for asking or should I just change service ? Let me know springing to contemplation.

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Re: 70$ overcharged for 8 months compensation expected?

Jooo, I'm so sorry to read about this.  What happened with your plan that you were overcharged?


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