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A Customer for 14 years and Sprint turns my account over to a collection agency


A Customer for 14 years and Sprint turns my account over to a collection agency

I was a Sprint customer for 14 years. During the last year I had a horrible time with my Nexus S phone that I obtained using my upgrade. The battery life was litterally 30 minutes of phone talking and it was freezing constantly. Sprint sent me to 3 different stores to have a technician look at the phone. Only one of the stores actually had a technician who worked on phones. After hours of driving to different stores and literally 4 hours of time on the phone with Sprint Customer Service they finally replaced the phone, but charged me a $35 activation fee. My discount plan includes a credit union customer waiver of activation fees, but Sprint would not relent and charged me the $35 anyway. The replacement phone was just as bad as the last Nexus S and couldn't display things properly with the new Ice Cream Sandwhich Android software and I asked Sprint what could be done they refered to my upgrade as not being available for another 15 months and I would need to purchase a phone and they gave serveral options for used phones, none of which was a smart phone.

When the iPhone 5 came out I called sprint and asked to purchase the iPhone 5. I was told it would cost $899. I explained my situation as to the problems with my current phone and they reviewed my past conversations they still said it would be $899. When I pointed out that a new customer could purchase the same phone for $399 with a 2 year agreement Sprint said they would not extend that offer to me. When I pointed out that I had been a Sprint customer for 14 years and asked to speak to a Supervisor, the Supervisor informed me that the best he could do would be to charge me $399 for the phones + $175 per phone because I did not qualify for an upgrade. I again pointed out the fact I had been a customer for 14 years and that I was completly dissatisfied with my old phone it had caused enormous problems and that all I wanted was to purchase 2 new iPhones at the current price of $399 and resign the 2 year contract.

I went throug several Sprint Customer Service representives, several Supervisors, eCare represtives, Customer Retention representives and Customer Retention Supervisors. Sprint would not waive the $175 fee on top of the regular $399 price. I became so exasperated at trying to resolve this I told them I was leaving Sprint for Verizon and purchase the same phone from them and went through another round of reprsentitives and Supervisors. They last supervisor I spoke with was the epitomy of horrible customer service. His attitude over the phone was extremely poor and all he would do is tell me how much it would cost me to switch in early termination fees and and activation fees and that the $175 Sprint was charging would cost less than changing carriers. When reminded I had been a customer of 14 years the representive said it didn't matter and that it was going to cost more to change carriers and that was final.

I switched carriers a few hours later. and the story gets better.

I received a bill from Sprint for $731. I called Sprint...again and asked for an explanation. They said it was $280 per phone early termination fee and $150 for a months service. I asked them to prorate the early termination fee to reflect the 9 months used of the two year contract and to prorate the monthly bill to the 4 days actually used in the monthly bill. Sprint informed me that is was their POLICY to charge the full termination fee and the full montly fee and that was that. Once again I went through numberous representives and Supervisors. None would prorate the bill or recognize my 14 years as a customer.

I explained to a supervisor that a 2008 federal court ruling deamed the early termination fees illegal and that a subsiquent ruling ordered Sprint to pay a penalty and to also prorate their early termination fees. There was a long pause on the phone and I was transfered to another Supervisor and I explained the situation again and asked for the bill to be prorated as per law. I was given various reasons why Sprint would not do this. But in the end it boiled down to the simply did not want to. When I told the representive I was recording this conversation she stopped speaking and told me she needed to refer this to another office. I asked what I should do about the bill and I was told I would be contacted with 48 hours.

Weeks passed and no response. A month passed and no response. Then on Nov 6, 2012 I received a letter from a collection agency. After 14 years and dedicating an erormous amount of time and making an honest effort to remain with Sprint, and then that failing trying to get a fair and legal termination amount and montly usage amount Sprint ignored me and turned this over to a collection agency.

My goal now is to inform as many people as possible about Sprint and their complete abandonment of customer service in lew of pure corporate greed.

If you currently are a Sprint customer. Let your contract expire and leave. If you feel you can afford it leave now. Sprint is horrible, service coverage is poor with dropped calls and their customer service is among the worst in the corporate world. My condolences to all those who have a job in Sprint customer service and are forced to follow draconian policies that allow for no human interaction or understanding. I could hear the frustration in many of the representives voices that they were reading from a script and their job would be at stake if they varied from it for one iota of a second. One supervisor actually mentioned taking action against the representitive who transfered the call to him.

Sprint will not last with these policies.

Let me say again. Leave Sprint.


Re: A Customer for 14 years and Sprint turns my account over to a collection agency

Hi rboyda812

I am sorry to hear about your displeasure with Sprint. I appreciate you taking your time to voice your concerns on Sprint's Community Forum and I will like to address all of the issues that you mentioned.

One of the first concerns you mentioned was regarding an activation fee of $35.00 that you were billed after having your device exchanged. Sprint's activation fee is $36.00. The only time someone is billed a $35.00 fee is if they have their device serviced or replaced and they do not have Total Equipment Protection. Without looking at your account, I am unable to determine if you subscribed to that protection. Just based on the quoted fee at $35.00, I believe that may have been what the fee was charged to cover.

You then mentioned wanting to get an iPhone 5 outside of your eligible upgrade date, and there was an option presented to you to buy an early upgrade for $175.00. The reason why the buy up fee is charged is because the device that you were using was offered at a discounted price. Sprint is able to offer subsidized cost for devices with a service agreement. New customers immediate qualify for subsidized equipment because they don't have a device that Sprint would have  previously discounted.

In reference to the prorated early termination fee, it generally starts at $350.00, and after 6 months the amount decreases. During the last 6 months of your service agreement, the fee is at the lowest amount offered at $100.00. As far as your final bill, the final bill is not prorated based on the terms and conditions of the service. It is always a best practice to port your number by the end the of your current bill cycle. If you port your number after your bill cycle, you are billed for the entire months of service.  For an explanation of Sprint's terms and conditions, please check out   

Lastly you advised you were referred to a collection agency and this is done when there is an delinquent balance remaining your cancelled account.

I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences these issues may have caused you.  If you have any additional question or concerns you would like me to address please feel free to reply.

Thanks for your time.

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: A Customer for 14 years and Sprint turns my account over to a collection agency

I find your reply pathetic and insulting.

The $35 charged was to replace an obviously defective phone

that was replaced by an equally defective phone.

The $175 charge to upgrade was equally insulting as to the fact

that I was sold a defective phone and now you want to charge me

a premium for replacing it and failing to recognize the enormous amount

of time trying to resolve the issue on the phone and driving to 3 separate Sprint stores.

You also failed to acknowledge my 14 years as a customer which is completely obscene.

14 years and you treat me with utter disrespect.

Since monthly bills are paid 30 days in advance you collected money for services not yet

provided and this went on for 14 years. When I cancelled because of atrocious customer service, extraordinarily

high call drop rate and a completely unacceptable phone and went 4 days into the next cycle. Sprint charged me

for the entire 30 days. Charging for a service that is never provided is not acceptable either.

When I asked for this to be reviewed by Sprint I received no reply. I waited and the only thing to arrive was a notice from

a collection agency. Really, after 14 years you fail to respond then send my bill to a collection agency.

Please shove the whole customer service policy up your ass.

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