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Account Credit


Account Credit

I was told i would receive a $200.00 credit after 60 days when I opened the account on 05/05/2011.  The credit has not been posted as of 07/27/2011.  Why?

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Account Credit

You don't state what the credit was for? On the top of the page click on My Sprint>>My Account Wait for about 90 seconds and you should see the CHAT button appear next to your login name. Click on the CHAT button for someone to verify your account information and gain access to your account. You can also dial *2 from your handset. On the forums we have no access to your account and can't see any info relating to your service.  Did you get your phones from a Sprint corportate store or a third party retailer like Best Buy or Radio Shack?



Account Credit

You can expect to see your service credit as a lump sum within the adjustment summary section of your invoice. It will be labeled as "Valued Customer Service Credit". The service credit will be applied to the first or second invoice following the 61st day after the eligible port-in activation as long as you registered for your service credit within 72 hours of the port-in activation date.

If you activated a new phone, brought your number to Sprint and registered for the credit more than 60 days ago, you can

check the status of your credit online.

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