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Activate your phone online


Activate your phone online

My phone was turned on when I tried to activated it online. Didn't have my profile all the way  verified. The phone automatically set itself  up and now has a data call failure error preventing me from doing anything. After actually reading the online directions i see that all of my tasks were to be done with the phone off. Fml

What can I do to start over now that everything is now in order?


Activate your phone online

Your best bet is probably to do a factory reset on the phone. I don't know what type of phone you have, which makes a difference. If you have a Sprint Service Center nearby, you could always take it there and have them set it up for you.


Activate your phone online

If you would like, I would help you activate the device.  You can private message me and I will pull up your account and we'll get it working.

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