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After being with Sprint since 2005 no loyalty has been shown switching carrier


After being with Sprint since 2005 no loyalty has been shown switching carrier

I have been with sprint since 2005. I have stayed loyal through the slow 4G Wimax they called 4G. Now I have a Galaxy S9Plus since March. It was a gift from my wife for our wedding anniversary. I didn't want the phine but what kind of husband would I be if I told her no. So I kept the phone turned in my Note 8 and hoped that sprint come the release of the Note 9 they would see my 13 years of loyalty and let me leave the s9plus lease and let me pre order the note 9 without paying the crazy fee of 266.00 which is the next 7 payments until March of 2019. Why would i want the Note 9 then. 

What I dont understand is that Ive done the chat service and sometimes they say yes call telesales and they will help you waive the fee. After calling them they telesales department they immediately tell me they will transfer me to the account services and they have me on hold for about 10 to 15 minutes. They immediately rudely tell me they can't help me and that I have to pay the 266.00 today. Now after being told something and on the phone for more then an hour this is what they tell me. I'm fed up with Sprint. A couple of days later I chatted again and they told me to lool into the retention department. But for what to be put in hold for another hour. 13 years Ive paid over 43k in bills. The funny thing is that they tell me yes and they no. All I want to is the Note 9 and they know Ive had every Note since the note 2 on there Network. Right now Verizon is doing a buy one get one free for thr note 9. So looks like I will be calling them and leaving sprint. 13 years loyalty doesnt mean anything. Im extremely disappointed but I want the Note 9 and sometimes it means doing something like leaving my current carrier. All I asked was for them to let me return this Galaxy S9Plus and allow me to pre order the note 9. 

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