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Almost 2 years and rebate was never received.

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Almost 2 years and rebate was never received.

I got a Samsung Moment in February 2010. I was new to Sprint. My rebate was mailed into Sprint in less than 30 days later. Using the online rebate tracker I saw the rebate was received, then processed, then sent....however, now it is September 2011 and as of yet I have still not received by $100 rebate check from Sprint. I have contacted the Sprint Rebate Center via online several times over this time period, as this is the only way to contact them. I would say around 5-6 I have applied for a new check to be mailed I receive an email they need an updated address to send the check to and then they say it is on the way once I have sent my address. I have sent it to my home address that I have been living at for 3 years and even to my mother's address since maybe there was an issue with an apartment's address. Nevertheless as of yet I have still not received anything. I have called customer service about this and they only directed me back to the rebate center online. I am really frustrated about this and this is bad customer service. As of December of this year I am eligible for a renewal and I am thinking hard about that decision to lock into Sprint for another 2 years when I do not receive benefits that I have been promised.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so how was this resolved?


Almost 2 years and rebate was never received.

I am sorry you are having a  problem with this issue   here is a contact number for the rebate center 

(800) 477-4127

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