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Am I stuck with my phone if I don't like it?


Am I stuck with my phone if I don't like it?

My husband and I recently got Sprint service and I got a Blackberry 3G. I previously had a BB Curve with ATT and I liked it, so I assumed I'd like a slightly newer model. We have unlimited internet, messaging, etc. I didn't anticipate the small screen on the phone causing a problem. My husband has an EVO and is doing all kinds of things on his phone. He has found all kinds of apps and can watch and send videos. I can't do any of that. I can't watch videos. I don't have a flash on the camera. The bluetooth is not easy to use and I'm just not happy at all. Yes, I chose the phone, but I didn't know within the alotted time that I didn't like it. I don't have the money to pay full price for a new phone. So since that return period has passed, am I just stuck with this phone? I also noticed that it says we aren't eligible for adding a line. My husband was told we could add several lines when he first got service. What's up with that?


Re: Am I stuck with my phone if I don't like it?

If you are outside of the 30 days, perhaps you can sell your phone and buy another one.  The Evo is nice, but I recommend the Optimus.  I like the Optimus so much, that I have 3 of them on my account.  You can get an Optimus off Ebay for about $150-$175.  The Evo is twice as expensive, with marginal improvement in performance. The biggest improvement is in the screen size, but I like the smaller size phone.

I think you might be able to sell your Blackberry for about $50.  You may also be able to sell your AT&T Blackberry to Sprint, if you want.

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