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Another Sprint Customer Service HORROR story...


Another Sprint Customer Service HORROR story...

My family and I have had sprint service for 13 years and have 5 lines.  I am eligible for an upgrade in 6 days (May 1st).  My phone has been on the fritz and in the past few days has all but stopped making calls.  So i called today and hoped that someone would be so kind to let me upgrade my phone 6 days early because I am between a rock and a hard spot, i dont think that is too much to ask.  I spoke with someone named michelle, i believe, and she was WONDERFUL, she understood and spoke with her manager and "reset" my upgrade eligibility. She said wait about an hour and then i can go into a store or online and upgrade my phone.  So i waited.  I can NOT upgrade my phone through the website because sprint keeps all these locks on the account because they screwed up and let someone order 5 phones on our account without checking their identification.  So i decided to chat with someone and i am not going to go into details but her name is MAGGIE S. and she was TERRIBLE, I now want to cancel all our lines and go elsewhere.  A 13 YEAR CUSTOMER AND NO HELP!!!   Not only would she not help me she gave me the hardest time about trying to speak to a supervisor and when she did "transfer" me she just disconnected me.  If anyone from sprint is reading this, you should really learn how to handle customers and HELP them.  6 day early upgrade or lose a longtime customer with 5 lines? hmmmm you dont have to be a business major to figure out what is right!


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