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Awful Service Since System Update


Awful Service Since System Update

When I signed up for service four months ago, my service was far better than T-Mobile's...but about a month ago (afterI received the system update) I've been experiencing the following problems:

1] Dropped calls/no service in and around my home where I never had a problem before (Phone showing full bars)

2] Battery life has seemed to sharply decline all of a sudden, even though my usage is the same as it's always been (and no new apps downloaded in the past month)

3] The clock time will jump both forward and backwards every once in a while, with no rhyme or reason.

4] Major delay (like an entire day) in sending and receiving text messages.  No notification of failure to send texts, it shows up on the handset like it went through just fine.

Customer service had me attempt to update everything (PRL, Profile, Software, Firmware), and everything is up to date, but they were still unable to send me a test text message after several tries.  (Eventually they all came through at different times between 6-12 hours later). 

The CS Rep told me the network in my area was fine and I needed to take it into a store for a diagnostic.  I called ahead and explained the problem and they said to bring the phone in for the diagnostic.  I drive all the way there, and am told that there's just problems with the towers everywhere and that performing a diagnostic won't help anything.  They said all of the problems I've been experiencing are just symptoms of tower problems and there's nothing I can do about it.  As for when this might be resolved, I was told that "Sprint is working diligently to resolve these issues" and was sent on my way. 

So phone reps tell me it's my handset and the network is fine, the store rep tells me it's the network and my handset is probably fine.  Which is it?  My girlfriend is on my account, has the same exact phone, and we live in the same place, and she hasn't experienced any of these problems. 

Any help I can get to figure out what's really going on will be much appreciated.  I have a Samasung Galaxy S3, and live just outside of SE Houston (League City/Dickinson area).


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