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Bad Customer Service and NO service


Bad Customer Service and NO service

on the pass 6 week inside my house my sprint service is terrible and even I have the airwave and the call can not stay more than 2 minute and virtual voicemail keep on delaying unto two week.   Most important is I using this # for business and just can not effort this issue continue on going (i have give them 6 week to get the issued to be resolve and my open ticket still open 55109006).  Spoke to cancellation department and the supervisor (brandon) try to get out the contract early due to this problem, because I not getting the service.  His customer service is horrible and I have ask him if he can not make the decision than I want to talk with upper management who able to make the decision.  He said he is the highest level of complain or person I able to make the complain to. Bottle line is I not getting the service i pay for  and they can not resolve the issued. Than they should let me off the contract early. Whom else I can make the complain to?

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