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Been a sprint customer for over 10 years now not sure I will stay in the future.


Been a sprint customer for over 10 years now not sure I will stay in the future.

have been a sprint customer for over 10 years.   I feel I have been very loyal.  I pay my bill on time every month and in the past even referred people to Sprint.  But in shopping around I like a number of others am finding I am being taken advantage of by Sprint and my loyalty abused.  I like a lot of other Sprint customers am with a large organization.  A state agency to be specific, interesting thing is when you get sprints best everything plan, you know the one $99.99 everything plan. I got it when it first came out great plan 3G but for me it has worked.  So what’s my beef?  Well Sprint like all cell phone companies offer state employee a discount, but ... then if you get the best most expensive plan you find out it is excluded from the discount of course they don’t tell you this unless you ask.  Ok I am pissed to say the least but I accept it after all I chose the plan.  Now I go to upgrade my phone after another two year commitment to sprint and find out not only did I lose my discount but now I need to pay an extra $10 a month for "my smart phone".  Of course I grumble but unlike sprint I honor my commitments. I guess I am starting to wake up so I am starting to call around to see just what years of being a loyal sprint customer is costing me.  Guess what ATT would love my business and they keep their word they honor there advertised large company and state discounts on all plans.  I also called Verizon they are the same as ATT.  Called T-Mobil they honor their commitment and promise if they say a state discount you get it on all plans no exceptions even their $79 unlimited (wait isn’t that the same as the $99 unlimited plan from sprint) plan that is $20 less.  Every cell phone but Sprint honors their customers and respects their commitment. Plus none of them charge $10 extra for smart phone usage.  I unlike Sprint will honor my contract with Sprint but I will look at one of the other companies that keeps their word when my contract is up. It is sad when a company feels the best way to reward years of loyal services is to treat you like Sprint.  I have a new motto for sprint "As a thanks for your loyalty we will open the door for you and give you a boot out to get you moving." Or how about "Sprint we reward loyalty by treating you worse than our competition."

As I look around I see a lot of State employees feel the way I do.  I know that from now on if someone asks me I will make sure to let them know about sprint and their "discounts".  Sad that a good company ignores what their competition is offering and is doing so little to hold on to long time loyal customers.

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Been a sprint customer for over 10 years now not sure I will stay in the future.

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with pricing.  We do feel however, that out prices are the best in the industry if you compare features.  Our individual Everything Data plans are already heavily discounted and so, do not qualify for additional discounts.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you use your phone for business, you may need the Simply Everything plan with unlimited calling; you maybe making more than 900 minutes of landline calls Monday - Friday / 7AM - 7PM.  But as I've seen with a lot of our customers who have one of the Everything Data plans, they're not using all of their minutes because of our exclusive Anytime Any Mobile feature which is unlimited calling to and from any cellular phone in the domestic US.  Also, since you're on the Simply Everything plan, Anytime Any Mobile isn't calculated as well as nights and weekends because your plan is unlimited.  Do you call landline numbers often?  You maybe able to change to the Everything Data 450 or 900 minute plan and still have all of the benefits of the Simply Everything plan while saving money.  Something to think about. 

Additionally when comparing carriers, no other carrier offers truly unlimited data with no "throttling."  They offer "tiered" pricing which means so much data for a set price.  T-mobile has this disclaimer on their $79.99 plan that you mentioned. "Plan price includes $20 unlimited data. Unlimited high-speed data access (2 GB at up to 4G speeds on capable devices). If you use up your 2 GB of high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you will never have to worry about data overages."  And at 4G speeds, you can use up those 2GBs even faster. 

And yes, we charge $10 now for smartphones.  The reality is that mobile data demand is growing exponentially.  To remain competitive, and to keep up with the demand and upgrades to the network, Sprint decided to maintain an "unlimited" data position for our cell phones and charge a "flat rate" only for premium data. 

So whether it’s $109.99, $99.99, or $79.99 (for individual plans), you get truly unlimited data for your phone, Sprint TV ($7.95 value), Telenav Navigation ($10 value) and unlimited calling to all mobile phones in the domestic United States; that’s over 250 million people. And of course unlimited text, picture mail and video mail are included as well.

Feel free to private message me by clicking on my avatar if you’d like to discuss your Sprint account and plan in private.



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