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Bill and damaged phone


Bill and damaged phone

I have two topics to ask about. 1st my bill is due in 3 days of $110.00. I need to make an arrangement to pay half now and half on the 15th.

2nd , my phone fell out of my magnetic case from my waistband and a co worker found it and looked like it was run over in the parking lot. it still works but the glass and face is really damaged. I pay on the insurance so how can I get the phone replaced ?

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Re: Bill and damaged phone

You need to call Sprint to make payment arrangements, This is mainly a customer to customer support forum and no one here can access your account.

To file an insurance claim go to the site linked below, There will be a $50 or $100 deductible depending on what phone it is.


Re: Bill and damaged phone

Payment arrangements can be made through the Finance Department by calling *3 from your phone Sprint phone. This department is the only one capable of setting up payment arrangements.

As Levi posted above insurance claims are submitted to the insurance company, Asurion, directly at their website or at 800-584-3666.

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