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Billing Question please help

Billing Question please help

Hello Sprint! my name is cody and i need some advice about my issue. Almost two years ago i bought my Apple Iphone 4 from an official retailer. three weeks later my best friend wanted a iphone 4 also. I went to the closest Sprint store to get the needed information about adding him to my account. The sales agent told us that he would not have to pay to leave this contact through Sprint (turns out its only 350$). My friend was in a fatal car crash(Iphone under contract was lost in accident). The contract was no longer in use.

Loosing my job required me to stop paying both bills. Is it possible to have my bill cut in half? the about due (1050$)

I can provide you with the information about the sales agent that Lied to get a sale.

I love sprint and i am very satisfied with the customer service. I would love to activete my sprint account again.

possibly send it up to a higher team?

Please help me with this issue Sprint.


Re: Billing Question please help


I'm happy to help, I'll go aherad and look into this for you. Since this involves your bill I'll need to access your account can you please send me a private message with your account number and the PIN. Once I get that from you I can start working on this for you.


Sprint Social Care


Re: Billing Question please help

  • Customer is deceased or terminally ill 
  • Customer is no longer capable of using the service because of a severe illness  
  • Sprint waives the ETF after the customer submits the required paperwork.

-- as per Sprint policy


Re: Billing Question please help


Thank you for providing this helpful information.  These are items we review with the account owner and/or power of attorney to determine a resolution for customers undergoing incidents that you have described in your post.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Billing Question please help


Sorry for sending multiple emails, I thought they were customer threads.

Thank you for the quick replys

I will respond to one of you in a personal email with all of my account information, I will pay the full amount for the first device on my account. Hopefully I become a sprint customer again!

Have a good day!



Re: Billing Question please help

Hi Cody,

Thanks for your continued responses. For your security, we request for you to please delete the post containing your private information.

Do you still need help with the issue? We thank you for your immediate cooperation.


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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