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Billing Question


Billing Question

I'm new to Sprint I had AT&T and switched cause of their service and prices and people recommended Sprint but AT&T allowed me to split my monthly bills to save money from each weekly paycheck, for example I got my first bill today and its $132.52 which is due May 14th and if I wanted to pay $66.26 on the 27th which will drop that $132.52 to a remainder of $66.26 and pay that remainder on the 11th to pay off my first monthly bill is that possible and possibly to that for each monthly bill I get? 

Sprint Employee



Hello! In order for us to verify the payment arrangement eligibility in your account, we are going to need the account information. But to respond the question in general, you can definitely do that. You will find all the details about payment arrangements on this link You can also access at to verify the options you have available and to be able to set up the payment arrangement as well.



Sprint Social Care Team

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