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Black friday woes=Sad Christmas :(


Black friday woes=Sad Christmas :(

     So as we all know the galaxy s3 was on sale for black friday at the ridiculously low price of 49.99. This offer was also extended to SWAC accounts. So I told my mother about this awesome deal because, while she does need a new phone, she is not willing to spend 200 dollars for one. As a result she always ends up with a phone she hates, while trying to save money. My mother was very excited as I explained the features of the phone and how we could share pictures and video chat back and forth. I convinced her to get the phone on black friday and sent her the "sponsership email". She then placed the order using her debt card on friday evening around 7pm. At that time the website count down still showed several hours left to place order at that price.

     Now fast foward to today, the Saturday after Black Friday, and Santa backed out of the deal!  First thing this morning, I went into my work email to approve my mother's order; low and behold at the top in red letters it says "the price of some of the items your friend or family member placed in thier shopping card has changed!" The order even shows $500  crossed out under the "price when order placed" section. So the order actually acknowledges that the price was $49.99 when my mother placed the order. Now I understand that I have to approve the order before it is complete, but I work in the retail store and was unable to log into work email after the store closed. I don't think it's fair that my mother should miss out on the black friday special just because I was unable to approve her order.

     Keep in mind my mom does pay $40 a month for service and has been a customer long before I worked here. I just feel really bad that I got her hopes up and feel as though I am to blame for the lack of a shiny new Christmas phone! I called into care to see what could be done and was instructed that nothing further could be done for her.


Re: Black friday woes=Sad Christmas :(


Thanks for reaching out, the SG3 was an awesome deal. For SWAC users it was mentioned before placing the order that the employee sponsoring them would need to approve the order or else the price will be subjected to change. I see you mentioned calling into care, did you call employee care? this department specializes on employee issues.


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Re: Black friday woes=Sad Christmas :(

Yes, I am always sure to call employee care when I need assistance. I worked in the call center for a couple years and recently transfered to the retail side.

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