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Broken agreements a regular thing at Sprint?

Broken agreements a regular thing at Sprint?

Does anybody else have problems with broken payment arrangements that Sprint made or not actually getting credits and services promised by the agents? I have been with Sprint since 99 and I am trying to remain loyal but they have fallen so far compared to EVERYBODY else that it is almost the last straw for me and all 12 of my lines. Roaming, dropped calls, over charging, tricking you to buy a 4G phone when they know that your area on has 3G capabilities. So disappointed in them. I used to brag about having Sprint. Now, I just remain quiet when people are talking about their carriers.


Re: Broken agreements a regular thing at Sprint?


We’re sorry to hear of your disappointment.  We want you to be proud to have sprint as your cellular provider. You mentioned that you were having issues with broken payment arrangements.  Let us know a little more about that situation so I can address that for you.  What credits were you promised that you didn’t receive and what makes you feel you are being overcharged? 

You mentioned that you are constantly roaming and have dropped calls; let’s check the coverage in your area.  What is your zip code and the streets that make up the closest intersection?  You mentioned that you have a 4G phone and no 4G coverage in your area.  What kind of phone do you have?

I know it’s a lot of questions but I assure you that your answers will let us troubleshoot and see what kind of resolutions we can bring about for you.

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care

Michael C.

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