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Burning bridges, extorting unearned service fees... way to go Sprint


Burning bridges, extorting unearned service fees... way to go Sprint

A personal note on my Sprint experience over 11+ years, then a question... skip to the end if you are not interested in the personal story as I am curious what others think of the Sprint brand.  Close your eyes and tell me what you see when you think of Sprint... try to keep it clean  

Soapbox rant: So I have been a Sprint customer since the year 2000, evidently I am that stupid and don't change providers every few years through some one sided view of "loyalty",  I never particularly liked their service, but it was consistently mediocre and that seemed good enough for my needs as long as I didn't have to talk to anyone for any reason at all (automatic bill pay for the win!).

After many conversations with Sprint in my last months as a paying customer, I was trying to right size my family plan needs after I had to unbundle my smart phone/big data device as my employer was going to provide them directly.  Well they still don't have a good base plan for family sharing if all you want to do is text and have basic calling (emergency phones for your spouse or kids) as you really need a big old data suck using lots of minutes to justify the base costs).  So ending an relationship shouldn't be that hard after you've spent hours working with their sales staff to find a plan that doesn't exist right?  Well, wrong...they should realize it's a long life and make it easy for a customer with 4 year old flip phones and no contract obligations cancel and exit the relationship with grace... but they didn't and now I am supposed to pay for their failure to work as one company.  I told 3 sales people and the manager that I was done and they transferred me so I could hold to tell someone else who transferred me and the pain should finally be over once I pay the next 2 months bill because of course I'm right in between billing cycles.  Hey sprint, I paid for 2 months at once for a reason and it wasn't so I could use zero minutes the last month and 1 minute of call time in the month prior to verify "WTF" why is still active?  That was the breakup, time to part ways, maybe I'll be back money so we didn't have to part ways mad.  No, unfortunately they didn't record that conversation so only when I called to blow up at them they created a case and asked me to pay for 3 months rent on rather than the 2 even though I had been vacated now for almost 90 days.

Literally, $15,000+ spent over the duration of the term of my underwhelmed customer experience and my parting gift is a extra bill and threats to batter my credit with claims that I don't pay my utilities.  When someone uses less than 20% of their monthly data and available minutes, they pay their bill electronically and hopes to never have to talk to a human being on your payroll, that what we call a profitable customer.  Clearly not to John, who is supposed to manage "account managers" in billing.  John thinks he is the highest level professional I am going to be able to communicate with on this matter... well sorry John, I have sold for the better part of my career, getting executives on the phone who don't want to be reached is in my DNA.  Way to see the big picture Sprint, I told multiple folks on several occasions that it will be a very expensive $108 for you to collect and anyone with half a head for business will wish someone just made a decision to write if off as goodwill... but what do I know?. Maybe it wont' be that expensive to cash 108,000 checks for $0.01 or perhaps you do like unrolled loose coin shipped to the CFO and perhaps you don't care about the buzz in social media or how many people a pissed off nerd can reach... shall we find out?  For now, I just want to know what your customers think when they close their eyes and think of the Sprint brand of service.  Perhaps there will be viral messages or clips from hundreds of other former Sprint clients... perhaps not... I'm just going to let this anger stew and see where my mind takes me.

No worries, I don't hold any ill will against the poor folks working for Sprint without the ability to do the right thing if it isn't programmed into the decision tree call center software. I'm going to let this fantastic anger stew a bit more overnight before doing anything further here... but the $90 or so in shipping fee's if that it would cost to have 108,000 loose pennies delivered sounds like a bargain here.  I mean, social media buzz and viral negative PR is good for you right?  It does keep your name out there after all... no press is bad press some would say.  The truth is that your brand and what people think of you sort of matters in the long run and I'm sure some at Sprint (who are well shielded from the actual customer base) already know this... maybe some of them even moderate the community site???  How do you want customers of more than a decade to speak of you Sprint when they leave and do you care?  Lastly, do you prefer choking on checks or rolling pennies?  Let me know so I can do the opposite.   This was never about $108, this stupid fight hurts my credit far more than your stock.  It's the simple principal of the matter and I tried to give people a chance to be a viable choice in the future but you want to burn a bridge for $108... let's do this as I have far much less to loose!

Question: It's been said before that your brand is "the mental image in the mind of your customers, made real by your people each day."... please tell me sprint customers, what images come to mind when you think of Sprint and their brand of service?


Re: Burning bridges, extorting unearned service fees... way to go Sprint


Thank you very much for posting. I am very sorry to hear of the service you had experienced. We would like to take a closer look to find out why you are having to pay the $108. Please private message me with your Account#, Phone#, Pin/Security answer so I can access your account.  We appreciate how long you been with us (11+ yrs Amazing!)  and thank you for being a loyal customer.  Lets try and find a resolution. Look forward to working with you.

Thank You,


Social Care Team 

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