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Buy one get one FREE a lie???


Buy one get one FREE a lie???

ok so on dec 25 i had a single line and i wantred to get my mom a phone for christmas so i seen the bogo on thegalaxy s 3 so i got it talked with some highly un-understandable lady who said that my monthly  bill would be about 150 with the family everything data plan. ok cool i get the phone give my mom hers on the added line fine and dandy my bill for january comes out but my account says -$150 on it i go to a sprint store and the gu says "this bill is taken care of and the -$150 should take care of most of the next bill." ok n problem until this morning i see a email saying my biill was aailable online. i check it out and m bill is $450.xx and one of the charges is a galaxy s 3 so if the promotion was bu one get one free at 199.99 with a valid upgrade why am i still paying for another galaxy s 3 that should have been free???


Re: Buy one get one FREE a lie???


I am here to help. Sorry about the delay in response to you and the experience you have had previous to this. I am definitely concerned and  want to look into this for you; can you please PM me with your account name, number, pin or answer to security question so I can take a look into your account to see what went wrong? Looking forward to helping you get this resolved.



Denver Social Care Team

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