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Buying another phone bcuz the one I spent alot of money on dont work!


Buying another phone bcuz the one I spent alot of money on dont work!

I've been a sprint  customer for A VERY LONG TIME.. stupid me. Anyhow, my complaint is.. I bought a LG Rumor to replace my Palm Pre.. I loved everything about its simplicity. Unfortunately, it would power down, have internet issues, sometimes I wouldn't receive text/picture mail yada yada yada.. the list goes on... So I call sprint numerous times to fix the solution.. I never purchased insurance on my phone because I take REALLY GREAT CARE of my phone.. so SPRINT them tells me the only option I have is to basically drive the 20+ miles to the nearest SPRINT SERVICE store to have them try to fix the problem. Well, after having the LG swapped out 3 times I tried to have sprint do something more.. well they didn't. Per Sprint my only other option was to spend money on another phone..  After months of being a snap case calling sprint, going to sprint.. the only option was to pay the early termination or BUY ANOTHER ****** PHONE. Its like this...... I already pay an arm, leg, hand, foot and more lol on monthy phone service, the economy sucks... and its not like I got money coming out my ***! Bottom line....... SPRINT SUCKS BECAUSE THEY DO NOTHING FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS.. ie: a new customer can get the same phone I just bought for $180 (after mail in rebate) FOR ALMOST FREE! I just have so much to vent about. Sprint needs to do something better ..... AND DONT BE HAVING NO PERSON WHO DONT SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH CALL MY CELL USING MY MINUTES TO ASK ME HOW MY EXPERIENCE IS GOING EITHER!!! Sue job waiting to happen.

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Re: Buying another phone bcuz the one I spent alot of money on dont work! WTF

If you send me a private message with your acct, contact information as well as some background on the problem I can forward your concerns over to Care. Please include a link to this thread as well.

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