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The bottom line is, Sprint customer service is quite terrible. The worst I have EVER come across.


     I purchased the HTC Evo shortly after the release, from a local Sprint retailer in Dublin, Ohio. After buying this phone I was quite happy. This was my very first touch screen phone it was awesome. Just Two days later, the touch screen broke. It was unresponsive. I drove to the store where I purchased my phone. They gladly replaced my device. There is always a bad product no matter what you buy. I thought this was the case, boy was I wrong. Closely to one month after my initial purchase my second device (HTC Evo) broke. This time, the Internet stopped working. The phone would not connect to Sprint’s network nor my personal wifi connection, in my house. Instead of taking this phone into the store, I called *2 or customer service. They put me through the steps of Technical support, than quickly advanced me to Advanced Technical Support. At this point I was on the phone roughly three and a half hours. I was beginning to feel hopeless with sprint. To make a long story short Customer Service replaced my phone, yet again. Now on my third phone in less than two months of signing the two-year contract I had now, three phones. After getting my third device this one's Internet stopped working also. Thinking I was to blame for all these issues, I began to do a little research. Reading reviews and other customer complaints I observed that I was not the only person with all these same issues, I called sprint again. I explain my issue and without sending me to Tech. Support they sent me another phone. At this point we are at the end of January 2011. I was starting to get frustrated with sprint and all the problems that come with being a customer. I was secretly researching prices on a comparable Verizon option. Now on my FORTH HTC Evo last week I was charging my phone and out of the corner of my eye I saw my phone blink (screen went on and off) than it shut off. Thinking this was strange; I tried to turn on my Evo. It would not turn on. At that second I thought the phone just wasn't charging, so I used my fathers charger, who also has the EVO. I left my phone on the charger overnight. When I woke the next morning, the phone would still not turn on.

I called Sprint, I thought for the last time. I explained my whole situation. The employee I was on the phone with ended up connected me to a total of four representatives. After being connected to a manager (Sean) I explain my situation yet a 5th time. He told me that because this was going to be my 5th phone that I needed to take it into a corporate Sprint store, have them look at it and he would give me a follow up call the next day. The next day I took my phone to have it looked at. It took them an hour to come to a conclusion. The decision was that the phone needed to be replaced. Chris Coe was the rep at this corporate store that I worked closely with. I waited all day for the phone call from the supervisor. He never called. I called them back myself. With the first person I talked to on the phone I demanded that I speak to a manager. At last, a manager was on the line. After 3 minutes of talking, he put me on an unexpected hold (usually they let you know when they put you on hold) and he hung up on me. Furious I promptly called back. Please keep in mind every rep that I speak to I have to reinstate my whole situation. I reached now three different managers, with this guy (Josh) he told me that it was sprint's policy that if I needed a replacement at this point that I not only take it to one corporate store, I needed to take it to two. I explained to him that I didn't want another HTC Evo, I just wanted a phone that worked. I would even down grade if that were necessary. Josh told me when I went to the second Sprint store that if I spoke to the manager he might downgrade me through the well-ness program. Josh told me he would again call me back later the next day. I traveled about 45 minutes to this store. When I arrived I asked to speak to the manager directly. His name was Carl. I again explained my situation once more, knowing that he could see what was going on if he would read my "notes" on sprints database. Carl and his technical team came to the same conclusion. The phone was broke. It needed a replacement because the charging port was broken. Carl also informed me that I was not eligible for the "well-ness program" because I did not have my last 4 devices looked at by the corporate store, every time they were replaced. Now, I was back at square one. Calling sprint I reached Michelle she is a manager at the Arkansas call center. She told me that Sprint could not down grade me they could only give me the same phone. I just received my 5th phone in the mail today.

I am very unhappy with the service that I have received. Not only am I locked into a contract I paid $300 for a phone that I have replaced now five times.

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