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Can I cancel without ETF if I can prove service problems?


Can I cancel without ETF if I can prove service problems?

I regularly miss calls at my house because of spotty service.  I roam at my office, if I get a signal at all, in midtown New Orleans.  There are two spots on my 40 minute drive on I10 from my office to my home in Slidell, LA, where if I am on a call it will drop every single time, and my data speeds are a joke no matter where I am within an hour of my house.  I don't live in BFE.  I am 35 minutes away from New Orleans and 1 hour away from Baton Rouge, and even there I can't get 4G, and 3G is slower than AT&T and Verizon's 3G.  (I have tested this with friends on those networks.)  I have a Galaxy S3, possibly the most advanced phone Sprint has, depending on whether you are an Apple addict or not, but these problems have maintained through every phone I have had on sprint, 1 per year for at least the last 5 years, and my wife and daughter's phones as well.  It is not an equipment problem, it is not a programming problem, and updating my profile and PRL are not going to do anything.

Now, can I get out of contract?  Do I have to install some software to log the signal drops and data speeds to get out of contract?  Or will sprint not let me out of contract even if I prove these phones are next to useless?


Re: Can I cancel without ETF if I can prove service problems?

Philadelphia here. I have had limited service at my house since the end of October.  Calls dump to voicemail, texts get hung up sometimes for hours.  I have called Sprint repeatedly and told the tower near my house was having issues.  Then they fixed it and closed the ticket, my issues did not go away.  Then when I reported this the next lie they told is the towers near me are over capacity and they are working on that.  Closed the ticket and I was still having issues.  They still have a network ticket open today.  At work, no 4g service since Novemeber, back in Decemeer, now for the last few weeks roaming all the time. Called Sprint and they said tower issues here as well.  I asked for credit on my bill they said no.  I said then wave the ETF because I can not use a phone with no service. I was told by account services rep that you can download the terms of service if you like but there is no Guarantee of Service in your agreement.  What a crock of Sh*t.  I'm breaking it anyway I just need guidance how to also do it without paying it.  I think there should be some level of service offered or what is the point. 


Re: Can I cancel without ETF if I can prove service problems?

Hey JayVerity, thanks for reaching out to us. We can certainly give your issue a more personal touch in an effort to help.

Please PM me with your name, Sprint phone number, security information (PIN or security question answer), and if possible a link to this posting thread. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Can I cancel without ETF if I can prove service problems?

No----even if you dont get service or get half ass service they will not let you out of contract====I have complained before about dialing a number and not hearing the "ring ring" in my ear-----or waiting for the line to connect and also have called about poor service---I have been with sprint for yrs----and this time when our contract is up we are done--we will be porting our numbers to another cell phone company --we are paying 124.00 fpr 3 lines and we can go with another company and get everything---data ---all that---right now we have M to m and texting and of course free night and week-ends---but who does not offer that anyway----I feel sprint has poor service---poor customer support----and we are over paying for the plan we have-----sure we could down grade---but with the texting we would pay more with it just as an add on thats why we went with the plan we have-----and as far as the phone  upgrades====thats a joke----nothing but outdated pcs of junk------the other cell companys we spoke with are willing to give us smart phones without having to have an $$$$ plan---sprint says we cant have a smart phones unless we pay like 240.00 for the 3 lines----when all we do is make calls and text and send a few pics to each other-----so in the end we were happy with sprint---for a long time---but since we moved to texas----we have had nothing but poor service and no way to break contract---imagine having to call 911 and you have to wait for phone to connect----lol---that was my biggest complaint but sprint did all its self test and said are phone service was working great---I said every second counts ---but that did not mattter to them and thats when I decided when our contract is up----we are done with sprint-----thank you

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