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Can anyone beat my "WORST" Sprint customer support EXPERIENCE

Can anyone beat my "WORST" Sprint customer support EXPERIENCE

I had Galaxy SII for few month now.  AT&T was our favorite for the line of phones they carry and we have unlimited data plan since we have had data plan eversince it came out.  Spint was new to us.   Well except for my wife who ordered first 4G phone ever from Sprint and only because Sprint was the only company offering.   It worked well for long time.   So recently, and stupid enough, we have added 3 lines to Sprint and terminted 2 ATT line.   And here's new Galaxy S2 from my AT&T Galaxy phone that I owned since came out to market, excited!  

But almost immediately after purchase, menu will go up and down by itself while writing email and often after long message.... delete will be pressed because of up and down menu that you can not avoid.   FRUSTRATING!!! and really stupid.   then my contact will not work!   pitch black and blank.  and will freeze on me for few minutes.  ALWAYS.....

Took it to Sprint where purchased.   guy tells me phone might have been dropped so something is sticking to cause menu to go up and down.   But I have OTTER!   then for contact, he tells me to go to Sprint repair shop.   Like I have all the time in the world to go here and there to repair brand new phone purchased week ago.   So now I am using ATT phone at same time to browse contact to make call on sprint phone.

couple of month go by and i wanted to save money by holding ATT service.   which left me little choice but to take S2 to Sprint repair center.   they require me to leave phone for two hours.   so I return to pick up.   Tech comes out explaing that they did all update and true hardware reset.   GREAT.   it worked for short while then same thing happen.   So called Sprint 611, after long explanation we both agreed to replace phone.  And of couse turn phone off and i wll call you from different phone... to trouble shoot...etc... was done long time ago.

new phone worked great for one month and contact goes black again.

called support line to explain.   guy says; i will do everything in my power to resolve your issue today."   ........O.K. great.   please turn off your phone and remove battery when I call other line to reach you.   O.K. did that and didn't work ... and I told him it woudn't work because I've done it many times on phone with stupid Sprint tech guys reading off from where ever line given to them to follow procedure.

so he says, I will transfer you to my supervisor please wait.   O.K. ... I told you to begin with....  but after long wait, some girl comes on phone and says Spint tech support how may I help you?   ... claims she is not supervisor and just got on....   I asked her to find out who transferred call.  then she tells me her computer is frozen.....  !!   please tell me somthing I asked to be transfered.   then she puts me on hold for 40 min. then hang up!!!!!





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