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Can't produce a contract...


Can't produce a contract...

I asked Sprint to produce a copy of my contract. They told me they don't keep copies/can't send me one. I asked them what would be binding me to a contract agreement if they don't have one they think i've agreed to. To this the customer service agents just repeat over and over that they don't have my contract, but I'll get an etf for leaving too early.

Can they do that? If they don't have a contract binding me to an agreement, how can they charge me an etf.


Re: Can't produce a contract...

I would suggest you to check and verify  your contract expiration date online.

If you only have ONE DEVICE:   

  • Method 1: Go to "My Sprint", Click on "My Account" tab then scroll down to "About my devices". Below your device you should see a link "See my contract details" which will give you the expiration date of your contract.
  • Method 2, Look for "Analyze my plan" link/button which bring you to a page with your contract expiration date.



  • The instructions below should work.

Note: These steps assume you're signed in to My Sprint.

To view your contract expiration date online:

  1. From My Sprint, click on the My account tab
  2. Scroll down to About my devices and move your cursor over the blue I want to... link in the right-hand side of that box. You will see a list of options; click on See my contract details. Note: The I want to... link is different than the I want to... buttons in the right-hand column.
  3. Your expiration date will appear in the My agreement pop-up box

Hope this helps



Re: Can't produce a contract...

Thank you for your response. This is the same information I received from a previous customer service agent. I'm not trying to view the end date that sprint has listed for my eleged contract.

What I am trying to do is view/get a copy of the agreement that sprint is using to threaten me with an etf. Like a copy of a contract with my signature or something to this affect. I don't see how I can be required to pay an etf without a contract being available that would legally bind me to such a thing.


Re: Can't produce a contract...

We cannot regenerate the letter,  but we can  confirm  your Service Agreement by viewing  Electronic Subscriber Agreement on file.



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