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Can two people on the same plan swap phones?


Can two people on the same plan swap phones?

Hi, as the title states, is it possible for two people on the same plan to swap phones?  For example, say my brother had an android and I had and iPhone and we were dissatasfied with the experience that our phones were giving us.  So instead of waiting 2 years for our contracts to expire or spending a large sum of money for a contract free phone, would it be possible for us to swap devices without breaking contract?  Thank you.


Re: Can two people on the same plan swap phones?

If the plan is shared (split between lines), then it matters not who has what phone since you are still billed the same way.

But if the two are single lines, there's a little jockeying of ESN's that has to be done with both parties present at the swap.  Since both are "advanced devices" the billing shouldn't change, though each could be billed activation based on the new number.  You two should talk with Sprint, as depending upon the timing of the swap you might be required to re-up your agreement.

That's how I understand the question asked, but if a Sprint rep can chime in and help, much  the better for you.

Oh, almost forgot: if a straight swap, then each of you will be giving the other's number to your contacts, which will no doubt befuddle them for a bit.

Good luck,



Re: Can two people on the same plan swap phones?

I've beena Sprint customer for 6+ years and the answer to you question is YES. I have done this in the past and there are NO FEES associated with this. You can actually do the swap online but it never worked for me so I suggest you call customer service. In form them that you want i.e. the iPhone on your # ending in xxxx and the android on # ending in xxxx. Yes, it's just that simple.

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