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Canceling Account - The Indiana Jones Temple of Financial Cancellation Doom. "Cancellation is not a process it is an Adventure. three departments and..."


Canceling Account - The Indiana Jones Temple of Financial Cancellation Doom. "Cancellation is not a process it is an Adventure. three departments and..."

I have already attempted to cancel via the web IM feature.  Was to given confirmation that it was canceled and all would be deactivated from the device to the web access to the account.  NOT.  Got a new email today with a further bill when I was told that it was completely zero'd. Also was suppose to get a call back in four hours to confirm the IM activities.  Never happened.

Got the bill for additional charges today.  So I called to clear that bill and find out what that was. It was the balance for the time from last bill cycle to the 13th.  No problem.  Paid it and was told the account was zero'd.

Found out that the account was active and would be active until the end of the cycle.

I wanted the account completely shutdown immediately.  No further access ever from any where from any one.

So customer service canceled the account and told me I could put a block on the device and it would not be usuable.  I told them I want it all off in no uncertain terms.  What part of Turn it all off do you not understand Sprint?"

Well, customer service canceled all and gave me confirmation numbers for the account and finance gave me a cancel and payment confirmation number as well. So I know it was canceled. 

The last piece of the puzzle was shutting of the web site.

Well, was passed to yet another person at the web front end.  Was told there after the traditional litany of what is your phone number and pin and yada yada yada that there was no record of an immediate cancelation and that the account would be active until the end of the billing cycle.

So at this point I am on hold for the third time in this call that has been over 30 minutes of my cell phone service air time to clear this on another carrier.

I have asked to a Supervisor at this point in time.


Re: Canceling Account - The Indiana Jones Temple of Financial Cancellation Doom. "Cancellation is not a process it is an Adventure. three departments and..."

After speaking with the supervisor I was sent back to customer service again.

1.  These is NO Such thing as Immediate Cancelation.  Sprint does not do that.

     a.  They will put a block on the account so that it can not be utilized and the device is rendered intert.

     b.  The will bill you for remaining charges.  Do not let them make you think that when you pay the 80.00 early charge fee that is all.  There is the charges for the time upto the point you cancel the service.

     c.  Web access to your account can not be canceled until the end of the billing cycle.

2.  You will need to login the day that your bill cycle ends and validate that all is still clear and no further charges.

3.  You will need to attemtpt to login the day after your bill cycle ends to make sure that the account is deactived on

4.  This is NOT a simple process.  The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and there is no follow up by anyone at Sprint to deal with these issues or items of concern.

5.  Proper account closing processes need to be created so that this is a one stop and done process.

6.  A list of advisements need to be created to be emailed or mailed to clients so that we know exactly what did or did not occur when we called to cancel.

7.  Our private information is stored on your website. It is Our Right to privacy to request that all web access to our account information be canceled immediately and to expect compliance.  This does not exist and will be a request for action sent to the FCC on this account.

8.  This has been a harrowing experience.  I do not want to ever experience this again. 

Duration of call 63 minutes 34 seconds. Talked to 5 people including one supervisor.  total of three supervisors were involved.

Reminds me of the old joke.  "How many people does it take to change a light bulb?  Don't know, is there a Union involved?"

Thank you Sprint for such a wonderful experience at the Holiday Season of the Year.

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