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Cannot Access Sprint Customer Care Through * 2

Cannot Access Sprint Customer Care Through * 2

I am growing increasingly frustrated with Sprint because I am always being told something new and different whenever there is a problem. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone since activating my account less than two weeks ago. The latest issue surrounds my inability to reach Customer Care through * 2. When I call * 2, I receive a message that says "DFW 02, the number or service code you are attempting is not available or accessible from your calling plan." Someone in Iphone techincal support told me specifically that this was a network issue. After it did not get resolved, I am now told that it is something with my phone and that I need to go back to the store for "diagnostics" so the problem can be replicated in the store. I played the recording for the reps I was working with, so I don't understand why I need to do that. I have replicated the problem for them already.

I have done all of the updates, hard reset, erase all content, etc . . . and none of that fixes this issue. I can still make and receive calls from the phone, though. Odd, huh?

Can someone in technical support there who knows something give me a hand with this? I do not want to go to the store. I am tired of all of this, and honestly deserve a one month statement credit after having to deal with nothing but problems with Sprint since activation.


Re: Cannot Access Sprint Customer Care Through * 2

Any chance that your iphone says extended when this happends?

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