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Charged for returned leased phone


Charged for returned leased phone

I returned my leased phone in to a Sprint store on Aug. 29, 2018. Amount due - $0.  I also terminated my service with them (fulfilled my contract; I was moving on.)

Luckily I kept the receipt.

I received a message from one of the credit bureaus that there was a problem with my credit. Turns out that Sprint has continued to charge me for the phone! Which was returned! And receipt said I owed $0!

And Sprint turned my account over to a collection agency. So all this is wreaking havoc on my credit score.

I sent Sprint a letter in early June asking for a removal of charges, updating records to show terminationof lease, and notifiying collection agency and credit bureaus of correction.

I have heard nothing from Sprint. I've tried to call customer service, and have been placed on hold. I can't get a person on the phone!

How can I talk to an actual person who can correct this?? Why won't Sprint reply to my request in writing?? 



I'm sorry to hear this jknims. I'll be more than happy to look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


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