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Chat responder acts like a robot


Chat responder acts like a robot

My purse was stolen (grabbed from me and dragged until I fell and let go); my phone was in my purse.  I have Sprint insurance so I got a replacement phone but now I have a charge of $200 and I still have my lease fee every month.

I went to chat to see what I could do to get the charge spread into months.  I am 74 and I live on social security so there is no way I can pay that much in one month.

Georgia S. was the person I got in chat.  She gave me all the reasons why I had to pay the $200 this month.  She gave me rules and regulations and finally gave me a phone number I could call to extend the payment.

She NEVER acted like she was sorry I was physically hurt or that I had financial issues that I cold not change.

I would like to chat with her trainer and make them understand that personal care is just as important as rules and regulations.



Re: Chat responder acts like a robot

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