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Cheapest way out of contract/ETF cost?


Cheapest way out of contract/ETF cost?

looking to switch after numerous calls and attempts to resolve issues with coverage and devices I want to know if there are any confirmed way out of ETF cost currently. I have a broken phone and one falling apart (both Evo 3d phones purchased January last year) under 6 months from upgrade and been a customer over 9 years. So far everybody I've talked to says replace both phones at $100 a piece via insurance. The phones sell for 50-75 on ebay. Sprint so far has had no response to that. I've been offered the galaxy S3 devices with at&t for free if I trade in my broken phones. And I'd save $20 a month on plans, get 4g coverage, and useable cell signal. If I can avoid paying $360 in ETF costs I want to; as to switch to the S3 devices through sprint I would pay a total of $560 plus taxes and activation fees. Sprint could offer to upgrade me early and guarantee I hit almost 12 years continuous service, or replace my phones cheaper or at cost to them and I'd say, but no they would rather I buy out my contract and switch.

For coverage concerns sprint - 73008 zip - cross streets are NW 30th and Council. You gave me an airrave then billed me for it when I had it disconnected for under 30 days then billed me an ETF you later credited. Besides that airraves tend to lock up and cause issues - namely duplicate SMS or SMS not sending out or coming in. The hand off can't happen between towers and the airrave so you get a lot of dropped calls if you go from the front yard to inside the house.

For good measure here is the e-mail sent to every possible usable email to get any traction on this. I received a call with the same answers and no knowledge. Way to go Sprint you freakin suck


I just spent close to 30 minutes on the phone and dealt with 2 different representatives.  One “supervisor” named Samantha. Neither representative was helpful in the slightest, one called me a liar, neither actually listened to what I was saying. I have been a sprint customer over 9 years coming up on 10 years. I previously was told I had to buy out my upgrade when Sprint changed terms of my contract and discounts part way through my contract. Technically there should have been no charge there as I know per my research others were allowed out of contract fully and reset with no ETF cost. The fact that OKC and my area has horrible coverage and NO 4G is a shame. I have 2 phones 1 is broken the other is falling apart. I asked if there was any way I could get my upgrade eligibility reset and was initially told no, file an insurance claim against them. $200 total for both lines. The phones sell on ebay for 50-75 dollars. I asked about my ETF cost at this point - $180 per line.

I contacted AT&T and was offered unlimited talk and text, 5 GB data per line (I am on wifi primarily) for ~140 a month, compared to the ~160 a month I pay currently.  They offered me the Galaxy S3 device for $100 per line and offered me $100 credit for the phones I have now, but I would have to pay tax on $200 making my cost to switch carriers and get upgraded working devices for $377 (including my ETF cost with sprint). A lower monthly cost, $17 out of pocket for newer better phones and 4G coverage in OKC. At this point I contacted Sprint back to allow the chance to keep my service. I was initially called a liar and told AT&T wasn’t cheaper and the plan I was offered didn’t exist. I was offered a supervisor and spoke to Samantha. She didn’t listen to anything I said. I point out the facts above, long time customer, requesting 1 time consideration and she said it isn’t possible, no matter who I spoke with. I know that isn’t true. Sprint has more than recouped any cost of the phones I have, and the upgrade “cost” to sprint would be recouped with a new contract. And over a nearly 10 year contract Sprint is beyond in the green with my account.

I received one feigned attempt at an offer. I was told I could buy my upgrade for the ETF cost, and then purchase my handset at the normal upgrade cost.  Which at this point I would spend more with sprint and maintain a higher monthly bill. I did ask what sense that made and if the rep was in my shoes would they take that offer, to which they replied “I can’t make that decision or tell you what to do”. I requested their supervisor and was flat out denied. They were the only person I could talk to and nobody could help me.

If anybody at Sprint would like to help me before I switch carriers, and move back to the carrier I had before Sprint, and assist in coming to a mutually beneficial agreement please feel free to contact me at *INFO REMOVED*  (primary number on account) given that I actually manage to get the call or that it stays connected. If you contact me prior to reading this e-mail and understanding the situation do not expect me to be pleasant. I will not repeat everything I have stated on the phone and in this e-mail again. This is Sprint’s final opportunity to maintain this account. My request for the upgrade or even to replace these phones for significantly less is not unreasonable. It is not impossible. If I do not hear from sprint tonight or by tomorrow afternoon with a valid solution I will be left with no choice.

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