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Chose the 'pickup at store' option only to find out it's more expensive to do so. Nightmarish customer service.. Mislead into driving to a store instead of ordering online and having to pay $100 more? (Pictures, transcripts, etc)


Chose the 'pickup at store' option only to find out it's more expensive to do so. Nightmarish customer service.. Mislead into driving to a store instead of ordering online and having to pay $100 more? (Pictures, transcripts, etc)


I was in the market for a new phone. I did my research and discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Sprint would be ideal for me, and the price was in my budget. I go through the ordering process online, anxiously awaiting the confirmation of my purchase, then the actual wait of 2-5 business days to receive my phone, when I discover an option to 'Reserve in store'. BOOM I was sold, I could get the phone I want, for the same price as online and not have to wait a week?



I drive the twenty minutes to the store, speak with the customer service rep about my appointment and confirmation number, and am told that in order to get the phone for $56.49 (online price) I need an existing carriers phone, active account number/phone number., otherwise without a "port-in" I would have to pay $156.49 at the store I explained to him that I don't have an active carrier as I canceled it a month prior and I've been sharing my friends phone until I could afford this new phone. I explained to him that this information was not required to make the online purchase. His response was "it must be a glitch". I drive home, another twenty minutes, wasting more time and money to check the website in case I missed this small detail. I go through the whole ordering process and NOT ONCE did it ask for a current carriers information. I paid $56.49, received a sale confirmation and tracking number and such. So why in the world did it give me the option to pick this item up in store if the price increases? I would have been perfectly content ordering it the first time around and waiting the 2-5 days, but NO, I was given the option to get the phone same day - and there was no mention of a $100 price increase. I jumped on the chat immediately and spoke to the generic customer service rep. Oh my goodness wait until you read this transcript (it's long, basically it makes you want to take your computer and throw out the nearest window, grab your lawn mower and run over it a thousand times, then have a nice 'Sprint CSR - "GIVE ME BACK THE LAST THIRTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE" bonfire). I get the reach around from this CSR for the better part of thirty minutes only for them to tell me they're sorry for my inconvenience, and no mention of how they are going to rectify their misleading pricing information.


Chat log. Notice at the end I ask for the customer service survey and the CSR just log offs.

Reference Number: 734457809126419585
DATE/TIME: 2013-04-27 04:48:00

Your Sprint chat transcript

This is an automated email. Please do not respond to this email address as it does not accept incoming email.

Jessica: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
You: Hi. I was planning on purchasing a phone through the online ordering when I noticed I could pick it up in store. When I went to the store I was told that I needed information that I did not have to provide when ordering online. Is this accurate?
Jessica: I would be happy to help you with the information on that.
Jessica: Just to check, have you already placed the order with the reserve in store options of the device or you are. planning to do so?
You: I did that already, and went to the store, and was told I would have to pay $154.69 whereas online its only 54.69
Jessica: Thank you for the information.
Jessica: May I know which phone you are referring?
You: the samsung galaxy s3
Jessica: Thank you.
Jessica: Just to check, are you currently a Sprint customer?
You: No, not yet
Jessica: Thank you for your interest in Sprint.
Jessica: The Samsung Galaxy SIII will cost for free. You'll need to pay the upfront $50 mail in rebate + taxes with 2 years of contract if you're porting your number over to Sprint only.
You: I haven't seen a fill form or a section on your website during the ordering process which asks me for any information regarding a previous carriers information.
Jessica: One moment please.
You: I've typed in all my information, including my credit card number and am at the point of sale of "Process my order"
Jessica: Thank you for your patience.
Jessica: I'd like to inform you that, you'll need to port the number at the store before collecting the phone.
Jessica: Then only you'll get the $100 waived as a promotions.
You: But I do not have to do this when I order it online?
Jessica: Do you have the number form the current carrier along with you today?
You: Yes, but I haven't entered it on the checkout page, nor does it ask me to.
Jessica: You're not require to port your number over online to make a Reserve in store option.
Jessica: Once you pick up your phone at the store you can port your number and get the phone same deal as online.
You: So you're saying that if I click "Process my order" online, it's going to ask me for port in information?
Jessica: If you want to port your number you'll find that options at the checkout page #3.
You: I chose not to, and it still says a total of 56.49
You: I'm just confused on why there was an option to pick the phone up at a store if the pricing changes. It's very misleading
Jessica: One moment please.
Jessica: I'd request you to please visit the store that you selected for the reserve in store option. Once you visit the store please port the number of your current carrier before you picked up the phone.
Jessica: You'll get the phone same as the online deals.
You: I don't currently have a cell phone with any other provider
You: your websites ordering process does NOT require me to do so in order to get the phone for $56.49. whether it be an error or glitch, I should be able to do the exact same ordering process in store.
Jessica: I understand your concern. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
Jessica: The Galaxy S III 16GB is offered free after $50 Mail-in-rebate if you are porting your number online.
Jessica: This offer will not apply if you do not port your number online.
You: Ok. let me click the proceed with order button
Jessica: Congratulations on the completion of your order.
Jessica: Please be aware that you will receive an email from Sprint that contains your order receipt. This email will include valuable information about tracking your order, creating your online account and a guide on what to expect for your first bill.
Jessica: Your order status will be updated within 24 hours of placing your order.
You: It does not say anything regarding a 50$ port in rebate
Jessica: Please note your order number provided on the order confirmation page, you will need the order number to track your shipment.
Jessica: If you see this price on your order summary you will get the phone at this price.
You: Yes, 56.49. Why couldn't I get that price when I went to the store?
Jessica: The offer we have online are exclusively for orders placed online and this does not apply to the stores.
Jessica: We do not have information on the offers at the store and cannot commit on this.
Jessica: That's great. It means that you are eligible for the free phone and you only pay the $50 Mail-in-rebate with the applicable tax.
Jessica: The Mail-In rebate is a form you will need to fill out to receive the additional savings on the device you order.
Jessica: Please allow approximately 8 weeks to receive & process your rebate.
You: Then why did an option come up asking me if I wanted to pick it up in the store, today ?
You: Ok. I believe we're at a stand-still. Thank you for your assistance, however based on this conversation and my experience at the store level I've decided to go with another carrier and cancel my order.
Jessica: I'm sorry for the inconvenience, there is some technical glitch regarding the reserve in store option and this may have caused the problem.
Jessica: I'm sorry about your experience at the store.
Jessica: I appreciate your patience.
Jessica: Please bear with us while we process your order and ship it to you.
Jessica: You should receive your order within 2-5 business days.
Jessica: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: yes can you give me the customer survey link please
Jessica: Sure.
Jessica: It's been a pleasure chatting with you. Please feel free to chat with us again when you require assistance.
Jessica: Thank you for ordering through

This experience was hands down the most confusing waste of time and energy I've had to deal with. You'd think that a company as large as Sprint would be all about customer service. I work in construction sales and I do everything in my power to make my clients happy. If my bid or pricing was incorrect because I overlooked it, you're damn straight I'm going to honor that price. You don't hear about amazing shopping experiences very often, you hear about horrible ones all the time. Friends, countrymen, thanks for letting me vent.

Sprint, I hope to receive an email that you guys fixed this issue so other people don't waste their time as I did. I'm going to cancel my order Monday afternoon, hopefully we can figure out how I can get this phone at the store level for the aforementioned price of $56.49.

Reason for edit: Blacked out street address

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