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Complaint - Be cautious Upgrading phone online but picking up in store


Complaint - Be cautious Upgrading phone online but picking up in store

Be very cautious when upgrading online and then picking up your phone in store.  I just went through a nightmare with Sprint Customer Service and New Orders department.  We upgraded a phone in August and after at least 7 - 8 conversations with a Sprint Representatives I was able to FINALLY get it resolved in November.  I put in more time and effort to resolve it because they didn't care but I was the one being billed for a phone that their customer service staff were not educated enough on the correct procedures for sending an RMA kit out.  Luckily, I have everyone of the Sprint Chat sessions sent to me for proof. 


I was finally able to resolve it after hours and hours of being on the phone and chat between August and November.  Yes, they were nice enough to keep extending the balance due on the charges for the phone but it was up to me to stay on top of all the dates and times of when the charges would hit my account. 

My biggest beef with Sprint on this, they didn't take care of their customer.  Multiple staff member were completely clueless on the appropriate procedures for returning the phone.  Each one gave incorrect information and kept telling me there was some kind of error in their system but it wasn't until the 2nd to the last time I chatted that someone finally figured out the phone had to have the "Find my I-Phone" disabled & the phone completely reset before they could generate the RMA kit. 

Be cautious because they just want the money for the equipment, they may work with you to extend some payments , HOWEVER they put all the burden on you, the consumer, to ensure you're not stuck paying for their errors. 

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Re: Complaint - Be cautious Upgrading phone online but picking up in store

I appreciate your feedback @Ghart0419 and it's a point well taken. I am really glad this was resolved for you but wish it hadn't taken as long as it did. Had you known from the about the iPhone return process, you could have avoided weeks of hassle.  I'll definitely pass this on so Sprint can learn from your experience and improve how we communicate and educate during the leasing upgrade process.


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