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Confused...what's the policy for repairs?


Confused...what's the policy for repairs?

Hello, I have a question and searching around Sprint's support pages weren't really helping so I thought I'd go to the forums. Basically I accidentally got my phone wet and I want to take it to a Sprint store to repair it. The phone still technically turns on and works, but there are a few problems. Most of them are with the buttons (e.g. a couple buttons don't work, some actually do things they're not supposed to like bring up the Volume Changer or start a phone call), but now the phone just lags in general and a few times it's randomly reset on me.

So considering these problems, is this something the Sprint store would repair for me? I don't know what you would call this, maybe "liquid damage" or something, but would they fix it or would I have to just buy a whole new phone? I didn't buy any kind of protection plan, so considering that does anybody know how much a repair would cost? Please let me know, any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

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