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Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?


Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?

Hello all,

I've been a loyal Sprint customer for several years now. Have a family plan but now it seems that the number of dropped calls is just too overwhleming and not worth sticking with Sprint. I went shopping for different plans last week and AT&T is willing to offer unlimited minutes for six dollars more than what I pay now for two lines. (including a corporate discount because of my workplace)

The number of dropped calls is incredible--just a few minutes ago I was outside on the phone with my doctor's office and in the middle of the street lost the call. Additionally, I no longer have servce in my office, so my phone is essentially a dead weight.

Not worth pay all this money for something that does not serve its purpose. Maybe I need a new phone since I've hard my current phone for 3.5 years--even so, went to the Sprint kiosk in the mall and they said they can't upgrade for free and I'd have to pay at least $50 for the phone. Really? Lack of loyalty if you ask me.

In any case--wondering if anyone else in the DC area has experienced trouble with dropped calls/lack of service/etc.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


Re: Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?

Before you condemn Sprint for bad service, you need to make sure its actually a problem with Sprint.

Often times you may be experiencing poor service because your phone has a harware problem or is not updated to use the latest Sprint radio signals.

You should call Sprint customer service and have them force a new PRL update onto your phone. Then go in and update your profile. Lastly do a full reboot of the phone.

This typically fixes most service problems as it updates your phone with the latest radio signals and tower information.


Re: Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?

First off I want to say Sprint is one of two companies that have given me the best customer service I've ever had.  Unfortunately, customer service is not the reason I have a cellular telephone.  Their coverage is poor, their speeds are poor, and now they are not the cheapest plan in town.  I'm moving to Verizon when I get the chance.  Check out their new plans.  For two smartphones on a 6gb shared data plan with unlimited talk and text I'd pay the same I'm paying for my Sprint plan now, and I'd get better coverage and speeds.  I've never used over 4gb.  I'd even pay the extra ten bucks for the 8gb plan.  Also, free wireless hotspot with that plan.  You don't get that with Sprint without rooting the phones.


Re: Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?

Ah yes, that is the 1 case where Verizon is cheaper then Sprint.

If you have the 1500 minutes Sprint plan then it is the same price for the 4GB data, unlimited talk and text plan for Verizon.

You might as well call the the Sprint plan unlimited though, considering nights, weekends, and mobile to mobile is all free. You only use minutes calling landlines during buisness days and before 7pm lol.

I think I use maybe 100 minutes a month XD.

Anyway, yes for the case of 2 smartphones I would say its worth it for switching. However if you have 1 less or 1 more phone it will cost you quite a bit more.

EDIT: I should also mention the fact that you may have not used more then 4GB, but what about who ever is using the other phone?

Dont for get you have 4-8GB of data to SHARE between all your devices. So lets say your partner uses 3GB of data one month and you use 4GB of data that month, then your going to be forking $15-$30 more depending on your plan...

We got nailed with that when I was with T-Mobile. I hardly use my phones actual minutes, I was always calling people after 7pm or calling other T-Mobile customers so I would only use 100 min a month. However my step sister was using over 500 min per month, plus another 200 from my step brother.

Now because we only had 700 minutes, our phone bill that month was over $200, and that was with "dumb" phones. It would be scary to think what would happen if your partner was to use 4, 5, 6GB of data in 1 month.

You especially have to watch your self if you teather your phone. I rooted my EVO 4G, and was teathering it for a while when our Comcast service went down.

I ended up using over 10GB of data that month. If I had a 4GB plan from Verizon, that would equate to over $250 phone bill for 2 phones.


Re: Contemplating Leaving Sprint--any advice?

That was 4gb combined with the wife and I.  We keep our phones on wifi whenever wifi is available.  That 4gb was a month when I was watching a lot of HBO Go on the only 4G WIMAX spot anywhere near where I live, and tethering while stormchasing.  The plan that is about the same price as Sprint is the unlimited talk and text with 6GB to share.  I could even go 10 bucks more expensive and get the 8gb to be on the safe side considering I wouldn't have to pay 20 bucks a month for hotspot.  If I lived in a place where the speeds were all 4g and they were really good, then it might make sense to stay Sprint, if I didn't have home internet.  But that's not the case, and I really feel the coverage holes when I'm stormchasing and my buddy has enough data and signal to pull down weather radar and I don't.

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