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Corporate Emails to file complaints??


Corporate Emails to file complaints??

I have been a sprint customer for a while and never have i had an experience anywhere like the one I had at a Sprint store the other day. I need to know if anybody has the email of someone in corporate that can help me with the following situation:

I went to a Sprint store to add two lines to my family plan. When I got there I was told about a promotion (buy one get one free Samsung Galaxy SIII). When i told the salesperson that i wanted to add the two phones to my plan he told me that there would be a $30 charge per phone on my bill from now on and that they had to be ordered into the store, which was not an option considering i needed the phones for a gift I was giving the next day. As I was walking out the representative told me he would make an "exception" for me and give me two Samsung Galaxy SIIIs that he "just found" in the back. The rep asked me for my account info and started typing away on the keyboard. The two phones that I was adding were numbers that I was porting in from another carrier and because of that the rep told me i had to activate the phones myself because the port would take 24 hours. Before I knew what had happened the rep hands me a contract saying that I was going to get chraged $41 per phone instead of the original $30 that he quoted me. When I looked over the contract to see where the price difference came from I see an $11 charge per phone for Insurance that I had already told him I didn't want. He then plays it off by telling me "The system automatically puts insurance on" and that I was responsible for cancelling it. I told him that i didn't want to sign the contract because I didnt feel comfortable signing something that I didn'd agree to. He told me that everything would be ok and that he would "do me the favor" of calling to cancel it. Long story short... he gave me no choice but to sign the paper because he said it would be " too much work to cancel and re-do everything". As I am leaving I asked him if he could do me the favor of waiving the activation fees that come with adding lines to your family plan (as I would be activating the phones myself) and he told me that I had to call customer care so that a customer service rep could refund it to me because i have a corporate discount with my employer. When I called (and I spoke to several people) nobody knew what I was talking about as far as my "corporate discount waiving the maintenance fees" was concerned....... After figuring out that it wasn't the lack of info on the customer care reps part and that it was due to the salepersons misinformation I realized that I wasnt going to get the solution i needed. I then asked if they could verify that the insurance had been cancelled and they told me that it had'nt been cancelled but that they would be more than happy to cancel it for me. When I escalated the situation every higher-up that I would speak to would give me no resolution and just dismiss me when I would ask them what they could do for me considering the horrible customer service/misinformation i was given........And if everything I have already said isnt bad enough it gets even worse becaus the Sales rep. at the store was the Store Manager, Andy. And it just so happened that he was training a new employee that same day. GREAT TRAINING GUY!

I figured that a company as well known as Sprint would have better customer service and would have higher standards for who they hire.

Any corporate contacts would be appreciated

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Re: Corporate Emails to file complaints??

Wow SMarshalls07!  I would be really upset if this happened to me as well. I can get feedback submitted to that store through their regional management team and please be assured, this stuff gets taken very seriously indeed.

I'm going to need some personal information from you in order to do that, so I'm sending you a private message.


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