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Cracked screen brand new phone question


Cracked screen brand new phone question

Just ten days ago upgraded one of my lines and my wife got an LG Mach.  We bought it at sprint dot com. Already she has dropped it and cracked the screen.  We do have the insurance.

Since she has only had it ten days can I get a free replacement, or is my only option paying the $100 deductible?



Re: Cracked screen brand new phone question


Thanks for posting on Sprint Community. Sorry to hear about you wife's phone. Great thing the phone is covered by insurance, for these unexpected accidents.

The replacement for water and physically damaged phone is done via TEP. You will have to file a claim with Asurion to have her phone replaced. There is a one-time, nonrefundable deductible when filing a claim with Asurion. You can start the process at or call them directly at 800-584-3666. Shipment of the phone is free and usually takes 1-2 business days.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: Cracked screen brand new phone question

My story is similar to yours. Im a new customer. Within 24 hrs of signing on the doted line, and buying the Bogo deal for $199, my husband bent over and out slid his new phone. Onto half carpet half hadwood floor. The screen shattered. Beyond belief, since these phones, reportedly are made of tough gorilla glass, and the fall was less then two feet and on carpeted, hardwood, i was indeed shocked and bemused. I called Sprint immediately and to my shock once again, they told me, oh well call insurance in and be thankful you took the expensive insurance plan for $11 per month, per line. A cost of $33, for the three lines we have and a total cost $400 per year. Not that Sprint and all carriers care that these so called smart phones, in which they are all selling for high dollars and telling customers they are tough, made of gorilla glass, can withstand normal every day abuse. Which is untrue. There is a flaw in this Corning glass and it is racking up millions across the board for insurance carriers and cell phone carriers in additional fees for their customers, unbeknownest to them when they purchase these so called safe, smart phones for hundreds of dollars. Yes i paid the $150 dollars on Mar, 3 2013. What my gripe with Sprint is and it runs deep. Is that the phone i purchased 24 hrs earlier, was now no longer available. They no longer make the LG Olimpus G, yuppers, due to the many issues associated with the phone, and this is why they were on the BOGO special. Buy one get one. Lucky me. They gave me one of equal value, the Samsung Galaxy, S. well that is all great, except i now still have the other BOGO, Olimpus, left over that i do not want due to what the insurance rep just told me. That these phones are prone to breakage, screen breakage and other issues, and this is why they are no longer making them, and why they are on the BOGO NOW. So i go back to the contract, that i signed 24 hrs earlier, in which it states i have 14 days, starting on the first day of activation, to exchange my phones, or cancel my service if i am not 100% satisfied. If i deactivate my service within 3 days my $35 activation fee will be returned also. I say great let me use this guarantee to secure me an exchange for my Olimpus G. Well things just did not turn out as i expected they would. That small writing, guarantee. Was not what Sprint wanted to live up to. Even though there is no where in the signed agreement that states, if anything happens to the phones, damage or other, and an insurance claim is placed, or the phones are replaced with something other then the original devices, and cannot be replaced with the same devices, this contract is null and void. Sprint will no longer, honor the 14 day policy, if in fact you make an insurance claim, on any phone and have the phone repaired, for damage, malfunction, or theft or any other reasons. The phone has been altered, or replaced and NOT in the same condition as when it left. I argued, that even if i brought the identical phone back, it still would not be in identical condition as when it left, it would be used, but they claim, it would be the same phone, not a repaired phone, a replacement phone. Since Sprint could not give me the same phone, brand of a phone and had to give me something of equal value, my contract  for the 14 day, exchange, refund, is voided. Even though it does not stste this anywhere in the contract, where i signed. If i want to just switch out just the one phone, the Optimus, and keep the Samsung, i could not do that either, since the BOGO was done and both phones must return together. So Sprint made it impossible for their customers to use the 14 day guarantee if in fact anything happened to their phones in the 14 day window, and their phones needed repair, or was replaced with another phone due to they no longer made the phone. Iike i said, i am a brand new customer with Sprint. I have been an ATT customer for 10 yrs. i decided to try another company. What a mistake this was. My only recourse now is to cancel all services. Battle this in court. Let Sprint come after me for the $1,000 they claim i will owe due to the cancelled contract. I have contacted the BBB, and Consumers Affairs and an attorney. I stand my ground if in fact none of this was in the contract i signed and Srpint, did not replace the exact phone within 24 hours of me purchasing it, with the same phone, due to them no longer making it, because of issues with the phone, exact issues as to why i was filing my insurance claim, i believe my case will prevail. I will take all phones up to the Sprint store in which i bought them, place them on the counter, take a picture, thank the unkind gentlemen for the help he did not provide and blocked me at every turn he could and leave the store and wait for the chips to fall where they will. Until the next time. I hope that Sprint and their employees, treat their customers with respect that they rightfully deserve and not force them into a corner, by creating rules, and regulations that were not within a contract they did not sign. If Sprint wants these guidelines then put them in the contract, do not make them up as you go along to benefit your company, or your base. I understand we all want to make money, but do it the honest way and not off the backs of your customers.


Re: Cracked screen brand new phone question


Thank you for contacting us here on Sprint's Community in regards to your experience.  Please understand Sprint does not manufacture this model device or guarantee the selected parts used by the manufacturer during this production.  The cell phone industry is a fast paced technology which is always changing which is why new models may replace older models.  To clarify the LG Optimus G is still available and there is no information provided to us indicating production of this device has halted.  If a replacement is issued it would be for the same model and if that model is no longer available a like comparable selection will be provided.  Please let me know if I was mistaken about the model phone you are experiencing issues with.

I apologize if you are not satisfied with Sprint's 14 day Return/Exchange policy but this is detailed within Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy which can be located here

Any offers provided during a sales transaction must be also returned in order to complete a return/exchange purchase.  I am truly sorry that this has occurred after having your device only for brief moment but these are outlined in our extensive Terms and Conditions not to benefit Sprint but so all our customers fully understand the transaction they are going to complete with us which these same terms are mainly standard within this industry.  Please let me know if I overlooked any information or misunderstood your issue.

Sprint Social Care Team


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