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Customer Loyalty Upgrades


Customer Loyalty Upgrades

Does anyone else find it disheartening to be loyal to a company for 15+ years and not be able to get the upgrade that anyone starting a new line of service is getting.  I love Sprint, I love unlimited data, I love my coverage, I love my plan, I just can't get over the fact that anyone off the street that starts a new line of service can get a better deal on a phone than someone who has stayed loyal for years on end.  I've been able to upgrade for over 12 months now and decided to pull the trigger on the Galaxy S4.  When I go onto Sprint online and see that I can get the phone for $149.99....heck yeah I am excited.  Then I log into my account and select to upgrade and all of a sudden I have to pay $249.99, because I don't get the "Bring Your Number Savings". about the "I've been with you longer than you been sponsoring NASCAR savings".  I just can't but help to think this is wrong.     

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