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Customer Service Issues!


Customer Service Issues!

I would like to start this off that overall I am generally satisified with Sprint, especially when there is a situation with fraud (which was taken care of in 1 phone call).

However there are times, when sprint customer service just drives me up the wall. I was having trouble with one of my lines receiving text messages and this line was close to the renewal date for the contract.  So stupid me, I believed the retentions department when they said they would waive the early device upgrade fee and would send the phone to me at no charge.  The phone that I was requesting was the LG rumour touch which would be free during the normal upgrade cycle (if i add a new line this phone is free).  I specifically asked the rep multiple times if the phone they were sending was free and there were no additional charges.  However fast forward to now, and magically all the charges that they claimed would be waived were NOT.  I called into the retentions again and of course they plead insanity and have no record of the rep making any such promise. 

Overall Im highly disappointed in the fact that Sprint functions on lies and does not live up to the promises they make, there is no way in keeping the reps honest to their promises.  The only real promise that came through was the phone was delivered to my house correctly, so hooray for the shipping department.  I see no benefit in being a "premier" customer, its as if being a premier customer means that Sprint knows they have you locked up as a lifelong customer and doesnt care about the account.


Customer Service Issues!

I am going to private message you to get more info and help on this issue. I think we should think a little deeper and never put someone in the position of regretting an extension of their commitment to Sprint - and the fact that you posted this and it is 4am lets me know a little more about how you feel. I cant promise anything but want a closer look at the details, rep notes, department, rep id and offer codes.


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