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Customer Service


Customer Service

I experienced the worst customer service with Sprint since 2004 today 1/1/2011.  I called customer service the wait time was suppose to be 5 minutes, in 5 minutes the call was answered, I went over my issues with a young man who informed me he would need to switch me to his supervisor.  After he placed me on hold in 7 minutes no one answered he came back to the line to apologize for my wait, placed me back on hold 10 minutes later a young woman answered the line and there was some problem with her line I could only hear every other word.  When I advised her that the phone was not working properly because I could only understand every-other-word she was saying; she just switched back into the call waiting line and I had to wait a total of 45 minutes to get what took the next person 2 minutes to complete. This was the worst then that happened to me on New Year's Day! I really hope no one ask me what was the worst thing that happened to me on this day. Sprint I know you can do better; I have never complained and normally will not let others complain about Sprint. Thank you for reading my email I hope to hear a response from you soon!

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