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Customer loyality


Customer loyality

Below is the chat I had when trying to reactivate my Sprint Hero phone. I will be nearly doubling my bill. I have the "450 Everything Data" plan and use less tha 200 min. The only option given to me was 1500 min and nearly doubling my Bill. I have foolishly been a loyal customer, but todays Corporations only care about the "people" that are Corporations. The chat was rather rude. I have NEVER had a good expierence with customer service except once when a "supervisor" got involved. I am retired from the communications industry and am dissapointed that my former company got involved with such a Greedy, Uncaring, Rude company. At one time Customer loyalty meant something, and service was equally important. Now it is MRC ( monthly re-occuring charge ), subscriber count, and Stock Price.

egan: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?

You: I want to activate my HTC Hero, the last phone I used with sprint to add another number. How do I do that?

Megan: Please wait while a secure chat connection is established.

Megan: I would be happy to go over activation.

Megan: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the "Yes" button below and we can continue.

Megan: Thank you for moving the chat.

Megan: Does that phone have a number on it currently?

You: no I am subscribing with one number presently.. The Heros number is on the Samsung phone. I want to re activat the Hero with a new number. and of course would like to know the rates.

Megan: So you would like to add a new line to your plan, correct?

You: ok

You: what is the MRC for adding a line

Megan: To clarify, are you trying to add a new line to your plan?

Megan: Are you still with me?

You: I want to activate my old Hero phone, that was in use with sprint before my last upgrade, if that is called adding a line

Megan: If you are adding a new line to your account, that is adding a line.

Megan: You would need to speak with customer care to add a phone you already have at 1-888-211-4727.

You: are you with me?

Megan: Yes, I am here.

Megan: May I ask which plan you currently have?

You: 450 everything

Megan: The Everything Data 450 or Everything Messaging 450 plan?

You: data

Megan: To add a line you would move to the family Everything Data 1500 family plan which will be $149.99/month plus taxes with 2 smartphones.

You: so I am nearly doubling my rate by adding one phone?

Megan: Yes, that would be correct.

You: We will never use 1500 min

You: I don't use 450 a month

There was no response back form this CSR.


OMGoodness, I'm sorry there was no response, Unfortunately, The lowest shared plan is the everthing data share 1500- 110.00 first line, 19.99- second line, 10.00/smart phone = 149.99 Not counting tax or discount, if you seperate them to 2 everything data 450, you will pay 69.99 first line 69.99 second line 10.00/smart phone = 159.99 before tax or discount.  Do you haev other questions?

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