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Customer service is misleading and changes the story everyime you talk to someone new


Customer service is misleading and changes the story everyime you talk to someone new

I have been a customer with sprint for 18 months now. I was told when I signed my contract that I would be eligible for an upgrade after 12 months. When those 12 month were over I went in and they told me because of a change in the plan I was no longer able to receive that upgrade. I then ask if I would be able to cancel my contract because the terms of the agreement change and I was told not with paying the early termination fee. So I figured I would just live with it for now. After having my phone for a month the screen cracked because it was cold and I set it in front of my heat by accident, this was way before i went to get the upgrade. The screen still functioned normally so I just left it and didn't get it fixed, figured it was no big deal. The cracked screen did end up being a big deal because now my phone quit working because of a problem with the circuit board that was not caused by me in any way. So now the only way to get a new phone is to pay the $100 insurance deductible on a phone that is not even worth half of that just so i can pay to get a new upgrade in 4 months, that brings up another topic also, so instead of my upgrade being after 20 like it is suppose to be I have to wait 22 months. The reason for this can not be explained to me. After going to the store and them telling me because of my cracked screen I would not be able to get it fixed without a deductable, I called customer service to try and do what is called a "buy-up". After being on hold for a half hour I was told that they could not offer me a "buy-up" because of some unknown reason so a supervisor would have to call me back. The supervisor did in fact call me back but on my broken phone so I did not receive his message for 2 days, I can obviously not answer my broken phone and I left a call back number that they ignored. The next step I figured I would try was to chat with customer service tech online since I had no way to call them that day. That chat I though went good and the rep was very helpful in addressing my concerns, she offered me an early upgrade and $75 dollar discount, the original 12 month upgrade plan. She said she would make some comments on my account to reset my upgrade date and then the Sprint store would be able to help me out. After waiting for a day and the Sprint store not getting any notification that they could do this, I called back to customer service. This time I was treated very rudely by the rep that answered my call and she pretty much called me a liar and tried to tell me that the conversation that I had emailed to me the day before from the chat said something completely different. She said that I would be able to upgrade if I paid $75 dollars and that I had misunderstood the chat for the day before. This was not the case because I had it right in front of me and read it back to her. I was then put on hold for 5 minutes while she "talked" to her supervisor. She then came back and said the exact same thing as before, I again told her that is not what the chat had said, she then gave me her supervisor email address and I forwarded her the chat. She then came back and said her supervisor had reviewed it and that the offer was for a "buy-up". The term "buy-up" was only motioned by me at the start of the chat and had nothing to do with anything in the rest of the conversation. I was then put on hold after I told her that is not what the chat said for the third time. After about 20 minutes of being on hold I was patched through to the supervisor who was also very rude. She told me that the offer was for a $75 rebate off a new retail phone if I signed a 1 year contract and that they could not reset my upgrade date unless I paid them $75, the termination fee is only $70. I told her i was going to just terminate my contract then and she made no attempt to try and change my mind at all she just said well you can pay the deductible on the phone then and wait 4 months to upgrade, which should really be 2 months. I attached the chat I had below just so you can get an understanding of what it really said. So I guess my question is where can I report costumer service experience and problems? There does not seem to be anywhere except these forums. Is there someone else I can talk to?


mattseivert,  if you could please go in to the attached document and remove your personal account info such as phone number. I am reviewing the chat information and will reply once i completed my research

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