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Customer service is sometimes horrible!


Customer service is sometimes horrible!

Im cancelling my service. They are willing to lose a customer instead of crediting $25. overage charge on a data plan. Ive been with Sprint internet service for years, had constant problems with their MIFI device, would not connect/wouldnt stay connected. After several years of aggravation and paying$60 month and never ever using even close to 1 G of data in a month and paying for the stupid insurance. They tell me Ive been paying for way more service than I need to. All this time!!! It adds up to a lot of $. Im still upset about that. Now Im not computer savvy at all. Im old too and no kids to go to about internet. So I learn the expensive way as you can tell. I make mistakes. seems every year last year & this year I screw up using my internet. Someone tells me to do something and I dont understand the ramifications of doing it and one month my data useage goes beserk. Once a year last yr & recently I screwed up. I didnt know what VPN was, still dont but this month I screwed up trying to telework from home for the very 1st time. Sprint is not the type of service that works when you need to VPN.. They limit the data useage. But I didnt know what VPN was. One cust service guy was great, today OHHH my I screwed up again and "we have already helped you once" well the nice guy didnt explain that I should turn the device off so its not running anymorethis month since I have already screwed up once. Anyway, Im at fault, being stupid and not up with internet intelligence, sometimes people have to explain these things just a little more for older people. Ive been with Sprint for years now I have to pay $75 this month, yes its my fault, I didnt get anything for my $ but all these years Ive paid $60 plus the insurance $ cost for services I didnt even need so I feel Sprint was overpaid by me for years and once a year I screwup and they are unwilling to help me and they could careless if they lose me as a customer! They made that very plain to me. For $25. they will lose me as a customer. Sometime their customer service is great sometimes its not!!! roll the dice. I cant afford another $25. can you!!


Re: Customer service is sometimes horrible!

****** this was not a bad word, I dont know why it is ***** out!!!


Re: Customer service is sometimes horrible!


I am truly sorry for that experience. We do not want you to feel that you are not being treated as a valued customer. We do value your business. We definitely don't want to see you leave. Just to clarify you have a specific data plan with us and you recently went over your data limit by $25?  You also spoke with our retention department and they told you that there was nothing that they could do to help you and it was your fault? Can you please PM me so that I can take a closer look into your account and do my best to assist you. Please include your account number, phone number, pin and/or security information. Also please let me know around when did this happen. Thank you.


Sprint Social Care

Re: Customer service is sometimes horrible!

WHat can you do to help when they Cust svc has ckd with a "supervisor" that was not willing to help??

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