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I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over 12 years... have even referred customers (which, by the way, I never received the promo for the referral).

What happened to  " your service will never change" "your price will never change"?????? the day when I signed up...

CS has repeatedly tried to get me to change to a more expensive plan... even threatened that no credits could be given unless I changed plans...

My bill is now 50% higher and my features reduced.... I have NEVER changed from my original plan

Over the years I have lost so many features from my original plan I have lost count; after HOURS of repeated calls to customer service usually escalating to the point of mentioning leaving Sprint, I would be pacified by some token concession.... (giving the benefit of the doubt that this was a one time glitch; boy was I gullible.)

Every so often SOMETHING on my bill would change for no apparent reason and I would call CS.... they must have a book on me by now....

I was given every excuse... it defaulted off my account... we no longer have the code for that.... the code is no longer available/working.... we no longer offer that plan/feature/etc... that is the best offer we have available.... only one discount code can be used on an account... so they took away a $10 discount and gave back a 10% discount (unless you have a $100 plan you are on the short end of the deal)

blocks are removed from my account (with no clear explanation why on repeated occasions) and I have to spend my time and energy to make certain it is corrected ....

I was being charged taxes in 2 locals; when this is FINALLY corrected on my bill, there is no credit for the taxes I was incorrectly charged... several calls later (and arguements about how it can not be refunded because it was paid to the locale) I finally get the adjustment but in the mean time I have accrued late fees for not paying the disputed amount..... at a later date they started charging me city taxes (when I am outside the city limits) same old no explanation why, but this time it ONLY took 3 conversations to resolve...except for the accumulated late charges....

CS can not explain what caused the problem on my bill and I can not figure it out without seeing the itemization (which I no longer get unless I want to pay and additional fee that buy the way was INCLUDED in my original plan) so CS tells you to go to (to figure it out on your own).... the issues with my on-line account access nightmare is a novel of it's own....  spending hours on the phone with support before I could access the account, then the next time I try to log in the same problem (at least 3 times) because there was incorrect info on my account they could never seem to get corrected... so I finally gave up for my sanity... it has only been this past month that I have finally got it straightened out so I can access my account w/o a huge investment of time and energy.

I once was offered a free phone for my trouble if I would extend my contract for a year.... the phone was defective and CS gave me the run around until the warranty ran out so I was never even able to activate the phone...

the list goes on....

CS tells me my service quality is good and besides that "sprint does not guarantee quality" GOOD TO KNOW...

(despite the fact that the last three times I have been talking to them the call has dropped and buy the way CS did not call me back despite the fact I was told they would)

CS tells me if I had called before I got my bill they could have helped me with a credit or bonus minutes but since the bill was generated there is nothing to be done...


oh yes, and that was my fault for not checking my minutes (even though I have not had an issue in 12 years and my calling habits have not changed)

AND by the way several other carriers actually give you a courtesy call if you are close to using your minutes

AND IF I KNEW I was out of minutes I would have either stopped making anytime calls

OR added minute for $5 rather than racking up $90 in overages because land line calls on nights and weekends count against my anytime minutes (news to me)....

Contacting CS is a nightmare; I use to dial *2 and say "representative" and know I would eventually get to speak to CS ... sometimes hold times were long but at least you were not frustrated by endless menus taking you nowhere; it has been become increasingly difficult to get through to CS; I recently spent over 40 minutes trying to find an efficient way to get through; what a nightmare and then you ask CS how best to reach them, they give you an 800 # that gives you the same run around menu. Chat at is worthless too (I was told to call *2 on my phone)

I am FED UP with SPRINT stealing my time and energy... the sad part is, I think the reps may want to help you, but have their hands lied by corporate rules.

Bottom line; DO NOT waste your time with SPRINT... obviously, getting that extra dollar today is worth more to them than a loyal customer.... short sighted because if they had just given me a month of comp service, I would have stayed and as I go, I will take my referred friends with me as well. ... I guess Sprint does not agree "A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush "

Does anyone know how to contact corporate? CS is unable to provide that info and referred me here...



If you want to see your bill all you have to do is highlight My Sprint at the top of the page, and click the link that says See Bill.  From there you can either view the actual copy of the bill with the call logs on the back, or you can click 'for call details' on the bottom and see the full call logs.

I don't know what plan you're on but calls to landlines usually don't count against night and weekend minutes unless you're roaming or something.  Your phone roam a lot?

And it is your responsibility to monitor your usage and stay within the plan you chose.  Dial *4, check online, or call a sprint cust care to check. Just because you never went over before doesn't mean it's impossible for you to go over now or in the future.  You're only being charged for usage you accumulated, don't see the problem.

If you want to get around the automated system dial *2 then just hit 0 until someone answers. 

Sprint wont change your price plan unless you upgrade to a new device and that new device either isn't compatiable with your old plan, or the old plan expired.

You have some legit reasons to be upset just clarifiying a few things.



I have to have access to my online account to see the bill and if you had read this thoroughly you would know this was also an issue; the points being

1) I should have an itemized paper bill according to my original plan and no longer do

2) I should not have to have an on-line account but can not see my bill unless I do

2) CS should be able to tell why a bill is different instead of putting it on the customer to figure it out; it seems they want to make everything such a hassle you will just give up.

"...calls to landlines usually don't count against night and weekend minutes...."

IT WAS NEWS TO ME TOO, but this was the reason given to me by CS and no one could tell me when it changed or why it affected my account.

"...unless you're roaming or something.  Your phone roam a lot?"

Roaming is included in my plan;  that is another issue I has not bothered to mention; I have been charged for roaming calls and CS can offer no understandable reason for that either and even though they have given me the credit, that ONCE MORE was at MY expense of time and energy.

",,,don't see the problem..." there would not be a problem if I had better service and was not being charged anytime minutes for land-line calls.

"Sprint wont change your price plan unless you upgrade to a new device and that new device either isn't compatible with your old plan, or the old plan expired."

ARE you kidding me? If you still believe this after reading my experience, you are a gullible as I was ... this is a HUGE part of my complaint; it has happened to me on repeated occasions.

Did you really read my post? or just want credit for responding? I trust this clarifies your clarification.

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