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Dear Customer Service - Stop Lying to Me


Dear Customer Service - Stop Lying to Me

In August of 2010, I switched from AT&T and bought three smartphones. Since then, I am on my third defective Intercept, 4th Transform (After two more Intercepts), and second Blackberry. I signed a contract at the time not only for a phone service I don't get, but for a yearly phone upgrade that apparently no longer counts.

To put it lightly, its a good day when my phone, or that of my children, can answer phone calls.

Three weeks ago I went into a sprint store (To get another Intercept) and they told me I could upgrade my phone. Six days ago, I went in again, but they were out of the one I wanted, so I went back last night. only to find out that I have no upgrade, on top of not having working phones.

Some how, even though two separate employees were willing to attest to the fact that I had an upgrade didn't count because it was 'a glitch in the system'. Your glitch, not mine.

Supposedly the explination is that I'm a "Premier Silver" member instead of a "Premier Gold" but when I looked at the criteria, it said over $169.99/month for three months makes you a gold member. My bill is $173.

I have spent close to 50 hours on the phone with Sprint in the last year because of faulty phones and billing problems of their own creation, that they then charged me for.

So here is my question:

How much more to I have to beg and fight just to get what's in my contract?


Re: Dear Customer Service - Stop Lying to Me

Your frustration is completely warranted, but before you say this:

How much more to I have to beg and fight just to get what's in my contract?

You need to know what is and is not part of your contract. Sprint Premier is NOT part of your contract.

If your phones are faulty through no fault of your own, however, that *would* constitute a material breach of your contract with Sprint. Document it, put it in writing, making it clear that this is a breach of contract, and it to sprint (not email). Send a copy each to the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and your state's attorney general's office. Make sure to mention the CC's in your letter to Sprint. Send a copy to your local news station's consumer affairs division too, if they have one. Make it clear that Sprint is breaching your contract, and that you want out or that you want them to give you new phones that work, free of charge. Make life difficult for them if they are harrassing you. Nothing works magic like written complaints sent to the proper authorities. I did it with my home insurance company once and within a week they corrected their actions.

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