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Defective Phone Replacement

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Defective Phone Replacement

Hi guys, this is my first time posting here. I see a lot of people only use this to bash Sprint or try to fix their issue quicker, I am actually here for opinions. I have an HTC Evo that I have had almost a year now. I have always had small problems with it and about a month ago they started to turn into bigger problems. Where I live it is about 30 minutes one way to get to the nearest store that will work on my phone. So from drop off to pick up it usually takes 2 to 3 hours of my time if I want to have the phone serviced. I had an issue where the keyboard would type things without me touching the screen. This would occur a few times a day and I would remedy it with a power down. I brought it into the store, they wiped my phone, and to my surprise that night, had the same issue. So I waited a few days and the issue wasn't as frequent, so I just let it be. Then my phone wouldn't keep the correct time. And then the power button didn't work as it should and the phone would power itself down sitting on the counter at times. So I again brought it in today. Said they put me a new power button and wiped my phone AGAIN and it should be fine. I get home and realize that the power button is not fixed at all. But now it is keeping the time.

So here is my question where I would like opinions: I have the insurance. I use my phone as a mobile hotspot. Should I just go through insurance and try and see if a refurb is any better? Would I have any recourse to exchange my phone for a similar phone of another manufacturer? This problem wouldn't be so bad if Sprint hadn't took away the yearly upgrade for the "Premier" customers. Thanks for any opinions and help guys.


Defective Phone Replacement

You don't need to do insurance - You would have a $100 deductible. Your device needs to be replaced or properly repaired - both of which should be done at the repair center.  I would call the store and speak with the manager- explain the situation.  The fact that they didn't fix the button on your first trip is terrible. You can also call in to customer care and request advanced technical support. When you are going through the IVR select option 4 - then option 4, then option 2 (data card)  This will route you to advanced technical support.   They may have some capability to send you a replacement in the mail.  If they can process it you will receive an email confirmation almost imediately after speaking with them and usually receive the replacement in two business days.

I will monitor your post for your outcome.

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