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Did anyone Opt-In on the email "Here's a gift for being on our nice list" for a month of free data?


Did anyone Opt-In on the email "Here's a gift for being on our nice list" for a month of free data?

On 12/01/16, I received an email from Sprint offering me a free month of Unlimited Data service. The email said I could Opt-In 12/27/16, so I waited until that day, then signed up, thinking that I would have unlimited data over the New Years weekend.

I received a text message from Sprint shortly after that read, "Enjoy your upgrade to Unlimited data from 01/20/17 to 02/19/17 and enjoy the magic of the season on us. Thanks for being a loyal customer. FreeMsg." That text made me realize that Sprint wasn't giving me the free month on the day that I signed up for it, but during the next billing cycle. (My cycle is from the 20th to the 19th).


I received a bill and was charged for ALL of the overages. When I called and spoke to a Sprint rep to dispute it, she stated that the period that was good for was 12/20-01/19, even though I received a text from them that stated differently.  She did nothing for me except give me another number to call.  The person I spoke with at THAT number told me the same thing, despite the fact that I had a confirmation text AND a chat transcript from the middle of my billing cycle in which I specifically asked if I was being charged for overages and was told 'no'.  The rep said she would open a dispute and they would call me back.  That was a week ago, and I have heard nothing back.


Sprint is sticking me with $100 worth of data charges now, despite the back up documentation I have that states it was 'free' as my gift for being a loyal customer... what a joke.


Has this happened to anyone else?


Thanks, Sprint... from your loyal customer.


ERINMPAYNE00, the Holiday Unlimited Data deal data was effective for the December bill cycle and the ability to sign up for this promotion ended on December 27th.

Lets take a look at your account and find out what happened. Please reply to the private message I sent you for additional support.

Sprint Social Care Team.

Thank you - I have replied via PM.  Looking forward to your response!

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